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Jul 10, 2012
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Last time I did a game it was taking up the role of wise elves and bringing space feudalism to...space. Under the wise leadership of the space elves no surprise of course that the part of the galaxy where they lived knew times of peace and great prosperity! Many loyal nations following them and even thwarting extradimensional invasions that totally weren't related to developing and using the warp drive. Now it is time to do the flip side of this. Space dwarves! Grumpy space dwarves who don't want to share their fancy mountain paradise and will well remember any and all insults handed their way. Get off their space lawns!


I would have much rather had neighbours who were pacifists and would mind their own business. I don't think these will. I will well remember their actions and words they had best be careful.

I haven't mentioned it much but changing the tech research speed is one of my favourite parts they brought into this game. Sooo much better.

I like my little north galaxy outpost. Yay for wormholes!

I may not let people through my space but I certainly don't mind if people want me to pass through their's. Space Dwarves are great tourists we only visit the pubs it keeps your monuments clean.

Hot damn do I need energy. Sadly it is very RNG how much you can manage. Easier when you have more worlds or if I cared about robots.

I need much more fleet cap stat!

Double war is awkward war. We will never surrender though!

No one can get space dwarves out of their space mountain. Break on our space rocks aliens.

I will get that technology for Gaia worlds eventually. Really I will. You believe me right?

Time to get myself some more territory. I can't have that hive mind out there thinking about eating my poor people after all.

All the colours of the space dwarf rainbow! Which to pump into my veins though?

Sometimes it just takes forever to kick some people off your worlds. It is the short dwarven legs I think that makes it take so long.

This really is getting annoying Horde. You are going to need to be really punished this time I feel. Like just as much damage as I can do.

Some people ask what war is good for. I say getting rid of hive minds that want to eat you. What do you say to that hippies!?

Things are looking up for us. Great territorial gains. Dead xenos. More worlds being moutainised. That is a real word in the Space Dwarves' dictionary.

I do enjoy when strange robots give me random stuff.

Giant monsters are, by their very existence, making fun of space dwarves for being short. That insult will not stand.

I can't wait for that Dyson Sphere to be finished. All the energy. That sweet sweet energy...mmm...

Are you ready for an epic battle? Are? You? READY!?