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Apr 18, 2017
In multiplayer games, I'd like to see players being able to play to their strengths, and to what entertains them. I'd like to see the ability to transfer unit activations to other players.

A group of 3 of us play fairly regularly together. One of them is a die-hard treadhead who loves playing with his big toys. Another guy generally finds the micromanagement of infantry to be entertaining. I personally enjoy the artillery/air game. It would be nice if I could give my aggressive-style friend the tanks from my division, and some of my infantry selections over to the footslogger. In return, they could give me their activations of artillery and air. One concentrates on taking the ground, another on holding the ground, and yet another on supporting advances, defensive smokescreens, and air cover.

I feel too much like I am playing my little vertical slice of the map, and other team members are doing the same. Occasionally we support each other by throwing a tank for whatever into their side of the map if they get in a sticky situation or are overrun, but by and large it just feels like we're playing by ourselves in the same map.

You can't really even fake that with the current system, since the activations of stuff like Artillery or Air are so limited (or in the case of divisions where Air has a lot of slots, your artillery slots kinda suck).
Maybe have 3 people play against 3 people but each TEAM only has one division or maybe two and each player can only control certain units. For example one gets Infantry, one gets tanks, and the third gets everything else or something.