Some suggestions for more mechanics and flavor for Fetishists

Some suggestions for more mechanics and flavor for Fetishists

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As of now fetishist countries still seem kinda barren. Their main mechanic is definitely interesting but could probably be built upon. Additionally it isn't nearly as fleshed out as the major religions. Of course I understand that it doesn't need to be as powerful as Islam or Catholicism but that doesn't mean it can't be a bit deeper. So to fix this I have a couple of suggestions.

First of all the cults are, a bit weak. Teoli which is the cult for Aztec religion only gives 5 morale bonus despite encounters with that religion being imaginably rare for a Fetishist player. The Jewish cult gives a paltry -10% adviser cost. Some people were excited for Islam's 10% institution spread and I admit this is a good bonus but remember there are only 7 institutions and that gameplay wise you'll only need this bonus for certain times when you are modernizing. Passively it's alot less useful than let's say, the trade bonuses you can get for reformed.

So I'd propose that given the imbalance between the strength of various cults that a player should have the option to adopt 2 cults weak cults or one strong cult. A "Strong" Cult could be something like Islam, Christianity while a weak cult could be something like the jewish cult or the Aztec cult. Categorizing cults as such would deal with the balance issues to prevent people from making obvious choices for bonuses.

As another bonus, perhaps fetishist nations should be allowed to convert culture in provinces which they embrace the cult of

Also it seems a bit off that a fetishist culture can change itself so rapidly on the death of a leader. so changing cult should give a 20 hit to legitimacy and 1 unrest nation wide. Perhaps a stab hit would be appropriate.

The second thing I would do would be to make it so that if you pick a cult then your bonuses towards that cult could be calculated based on a national slider with two sides, one being "Syncreticism" and the other being Traditionalism" in a similar way styled towards the piety and impiety mechanic in islam

Full Syncretic bonuses would be:
15% religious unity
-1 missionary strength
-10% aggressive expansion against fetishist countries
For Cults:
2 Tolerance for the religion of the cults one has
25% relation improvement bonus for countries with the religion of the cult

Full Traditionalist bonuses would be
2 Missionary strength
2 Tolerance for the True Faith
-10% aggressive expansion against non-fetishist countries
25% relation improvement bonus for countries that are fetishist
For Cults:
-2 Tolerance of faith with cult
+1 missionary Strength against cults

I don't think any of these changes would radically make fetishist nations more powerful but I do think they would make them more interesting and give more interesting choices between either religious plurism, or adopting religious practices as a way to convert new religions.
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