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Jan 26, 2010
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Hi, I played a long campaign (from 867 to 1453), it was a really fun game and I loved it. I began in 1.0.3, and finished it today in 1.1.
I had my fair share of bugs (like these two random two guys in my empire with 80-100 in all stats except a 1 in learning) but I just wanted to talk about really small things that could improve the storytelling or make life easier for the player. So, here are my 2 cents.

1. Possibility to name your grandchildren

The identity of the dynasty is important for the players, and naming tradition is part of it. More agency to name grandchildren (like in CK2) would be greatly appreciated to not have a Foulques randomly popping after Louis VII and Hamelin IV.

2. Possibility to change your coat of arm

In CK2 you could change you CoA which was a really cool feature for roleplay purpose and I missed it. I loved to split my CoA after a matri union to reflect the change of dynasty or change the coulour after a big event. Hope it will comeback.

3. A way to change your titulature

My third emperor created his own branch of christianity where he was the head of faith. After that all my emperors became "Pope Louis IV" or "Pope Mafalda II", but I would prefer to choose which one of my titulature I want to use (here I would have prefer to be called Emperor or Empress). At least have the possibility to rename the head of Faith when you create your heresy.

4. More nicknames, and less linked to decisions

I didn't see a lot of nicknames, probably a dozen of low rank lords in my empire. For myself, I never had one without a decision, even for Louis I who went from duke to Emperor, for Louis III who created a new faith, or for multiples emperors who conquered, killed, were crazy.... I would like to see more nicknames for narrative purpose.
Also, the nicknames from decisions are not great for immersion. I founded a lot of Universities, and because of that 5 of my emperors/empresses are nicknamed "the Scholar" and 4 of them had less than 4 in Learning... It should at least be optional.

5. Choosing site for University

Speaking of University, we should have more agency to choose where to build them. I controled all Western Europe, but most of the time I couldn't choose where to build them, and if it was the case, I could only choose between two locations. I know that it is real universities locations in the Middle Age, but I was pretty disappointed that I couldn't build one in my capital Aix-la-Chapelle (Aachen), even if in the 14th century, it reached 100 dvt. I hope dvt would be the main factor for this decision.

6. Improving rally points and Men-At-Arms

My main problem is that I can't create two armies with my Men at-Arms before raising it. Let me explain. I want to attack the kingdom of... let's say Persia, and I would like to raise half of my MaA with a specific regiment (ie trebuchet) in the Caucasus, and raise the other half in Palestine (with cannons in it). I just can't, I need to raise my MaA in Syria, split them, and send each "army" in the direction I wish.
In the military tab, it would be cool to attach specific regiments to an army (army 1 : regiment of bowmen, regiment of trebuchet... / army 2 : ....) so we can raise this army template on the rally points

7. Feast spam

My last two hundred years where just a nightmare, my 60 direct vassals non stop calling me for a feast. On average, I think I had 10 invitations per year, it was a lot. It could be cool to have an option to automatically refuse invitation or only consider powerful vassals.

8. A minor problem with the French translation

Really a nitpick, but i think translators forgot to translate the duchy of Lebanon, which is... Lebanon instead of the french Liban.

That's all. Thank you for this great game !
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