Some days, everything goes wrong at once....

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May 13, 2003
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Settled in for an "easy" session of EU3, playing Burgundy (not for the first time). Got a couple of decent missions, annexed Bar (0 Infamy, a mission-granted core), Hainaut (low infamy, another mission core), Liege (mission core on Liege province and -5 Infamy made it all but free, and I expect to release Namur to Bohemia upon demand), and Brabant province (another low infamy mission core).

I was allied to both England and Milan, and France had suffered a minor defeat in a war against Provence, Naples, Bohemia, and Savoy early on, so they hadn't blobbed at all other than annexing a vassal. Infamy was under 4 points, with everything looking good up until 1426....

….and then suddenly England cancels our alliance for no apparent reason, Milan does the same a couple of days later, and then France declares war on me. Bohemia refuses its duty to defend the Empire, leaving me with a tough war solo against France and its snarling pack of vassals. Then Austria declares war on me too, bringing in a host of allies. A month after the start of the war, England declares on me as well, along with its other allies.....basically "game over".