Some changes I want to see (message log, registries, income map and display, blockade viewing, etc.)

Some changes I want to see (message log, registries, income map and display, blockade viewing, etc.)

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Sep 23, 2015
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Most of these changes I'll propose are small and easy to realize but would be a great improvement to the game.
- first and foremost, the message log : it definitely needs to be reworked. More precisely the options that determine if a message will appear and where, to avoid spam that burdens the current message system. The possibility to define the minimum power type it applies to (state-city, local power, regional power and so on) should be introduced, and whether the country is a neighbor or not. Also some countries could be defined as "important" and thus the messages about a nation will only appear if that nation is big enough, is a neighbor or designated as "important", choosing if these messages appear in the log and/or in a pop-up window as it is already the case ;
EDIT : assassination attemps should be notified separately like was discused here :
In theory you can get the info, that someone starts an assasination scheme (and so you can see in time who is the target)...
You can also enable to get informed, when a character finishes a scheme (less useful here, because at that point the murder or murder attempt has been carried out):
The main problem with these settings is just the information glut you enable with them. You get informed about every scheme one of the characters in your land starts (or finishes). You can imagine that this is just overkill and it means something, if one says that who has all kind of info popups enabled because usually not caring about "getting interrupted" - I tried the above ones as well and soon disabled them again ;)

I just wish they would split these setting, so this can be toggled for each special ambition - or at least separately for all hostile ones.

- registries like the ones in Europa universalis 4, especially one about military forces should be added, even if it keeps secret what detailed units the country has. EDIT : now there's a good ledger, albeit it lacks data about income, expenses and troop upkeep ;
- an income map (displayed when clicking on one of the map buttons in the right bottom part of the screen) would show the richest cities so it would be easier to decide where to increase income with buildings. Also there should be an indication of how much the income will be increased for each city when entering the construction mode, as it is for EU4. Not only for tax offices, but also when improving population output ;
- the ship blockades should be somehow easy viewable at a glance. In EU4 they are represented by a crossed coastal line. Maybe we can do even better in I:R ;
- I miss the "bling bling" money jingle of EU4 that comes with each new month ;
- the troop future upkeep should be shown when in recruiting mode ; this change has been implemented
- another change to bring to the log : there should be a statement of total annexation when a nation occupies wholly another one so we wouldn't search in vain for the annexed nation that disappears ;
- finally (this may be more complicated and difficult to realize) there could be 3 different kinds of ship. They would fight in a rock, paper and scissors fashion. I don't know exactly what these different ships would be, though. Maybe galley, trireme and ballista ship ? This would deepen and improve the naval gameplay... this naval aspect of the game has been remarkably improved since the last updates
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