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Mar 21, 2016
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Hello All

I was just watching the Mare Nostrum New Ideas and Timeline video on Youtube and Jake mentioned suggesting National Ideas for countries that aren't yet filled out. Well given that my home falls inside the Cornwall region I was somewhat disappointed that it has generic ideas. I feel it could have some rather unique Ideas given its history.

I have just read Sven446's thread 'The Fate of Nitra' and was somewhat inspired to create my own. I am also no historian however like Sven446 I believe I know a fair bit about my local history. I am very new to EU4 and as such if some values need changing I wouldn't be surprised and I look forward to seeing other's ideas on the subject! So without further or do here it is.

National Tradition

Born Sailors: +15% Naval Morale. With such an extensive coastline, the Cornish have been forced to make a living from the seas for hundreds of years. As such the men of Cornwall are as at home on the waves as they are on the land.

Endurance: +30% Hostile core creation cost. Despite having been annexed by Wessex in the 9th century, Cornwall maintained a fierce independence of its language and culture for countless centuries. Now Cornwall has become free once its strong cultural identity will resist any meddling from outsiders.

(After reading Sven446's thread I realize this may be a bone of contention for many players however starting as a 1 province country is frightfully vulnerable or at least it seems so for me as such an unskilled player, once again suggestions are more than welcome!)

National Ambition

Reestablishment of the Celts: +25% Land Force Limit. It is time for the Cornish to unite their Celtic brethren and take back their ancestral homelands throughout Europe, men flock to the banner so they may tell their grandchildren of how they brought the Celts back from the abyss.

National Ideas

1. Cornish Pirates

+33% Privateer Efficiency

Cornwall and Devon have always been synonymous with smuggling and piracy. The sheltered inlets along the coast were the perfect opportunity for an able seaman to make some easy money. It was home to Henry Every, ‘The king of pirates’ and Francis Drake, the privateer who eventually became Vice Admiral of England’s Royal Navy.

2. Fortified Peninsular

+20% Fort Defence

Cornwall has a multitude of castles and forts, famously Tintagel castle supposedly inspiration for the Camelot of legend. It also has a multitude of coastal forts defending key bays and inlets as well as formidable natural defences from sheer cliffs, impassable rivers and desolate moorland.

3. Sheltered Waters

-10% Ship Building Time

Cornwall and Devon hold many natural harbours most famously Devonport in the Tamar Estuary. It was from the sheltered mouth of the Plym and Tamar rivers that the English Fleet lead by Sir Francis Drake sailed to engage the Spanish Armada. The sheer amount of sheltered inlets along the coast made Cornwall the perfect place for a thriving ship building industry.

4. Mining Prowess

+15% Production Efficiency

Mining in Cornwall and Devon began as early as the Bronze Age and by the 16th Century it had exploded to become a mainstay of the Cornish Economy. Before long Cornish Miners became world renowned for their skill in exploiting the even the most inaccessible mineral deposits.

5. Celtic Renaissance

-25% Culture Conversion Cost

The Cornish resisted the assimilation into English culture that happened to its neighbour Devon. Cornwall maintained a strong Celtic cultural identity and language well into the 16th century. Were Cornwall to expand again it would likely bring its Celtic culture with it.

6. Knowledge of the land

+1 Land Leader Manoeuvre.

Due to its coastline armies only had one avenue of approach into Cornwall if not by sea. This would force invaders to tackle choke points for instance crossing the rivers Exe and Tamar, Cornish Generals such as Sir Richard Grenville were able to use these natural defences to great effect.

7. Cornish Diaspora

10% Settler Increase

When mining production began to decrease at home, at the start of the 19th century, many Cornish left to begin a life in the New World. Many Cornish used their world renowned mining skills to seek better opportunities abroad.

Additionally to this I would love if it were possible to add some national decisions and missions for Celtic nations (Irish, Welsh, Scottish or Breton Culture).

Celtic Missions (If Possible)

Unite Ireland: Our Celtic Neighbor is under threat from English expansion. They would be safer and happier under our rule.

Re-secure Wales: Wales has fallen to the English. We must retake it in order to protect our brethren from the harsh treatments of the English invaders.

Integrate Scotland: England has long desired the lands of Scotland for her own. We must therefore protect our brothers from the threat gathering at their southern border.

Integrate Brittany: Our last redoubt upon the continent is under threat, French power is growing and our brethren’s weakened position will only further aid their fall. We should integrate them so as to save them from being assimilated by the French menace.

Re-secure Cornwall: Cornwall was the first of our kingdoms to fall to the invading anglo-saxons, the English as they are now called. We should retake Cornwall so our Celtic brothers may breathe the air of freedom once more.

Retake our Iberian Lands: We must Reconquer our former lands in Iberia (Gallicia and Asturias)

Retake Britannia: Ever since those blasted Saxons arrived on our shores we have been driven ever further into the corners of these Islands, its time we retook our ancestors lands!

Perhaps more missions centering on pushing into the continent?

Decisions (If Possible)

Form Celtic Union

Requires: Irish, Scottish, Welsh or Breton as primary culture.

All provinces in Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Cornwall and Brittany are owned.

Level 10 Admin tech.

Is not a subject nation.

Is not at war.

Is not a nomad nation.

Rewards: +25 Prestige

Now I realize that a Celtic union is hardly historically accurate but as a people that once occupied the lands from Anatolia to Iberia and as far North as Scotland. Is it really that hard to believe that at some point they may have pushed back against the invaders that were driving them out of Europe or assimilating them into their realms. I think the idea of being able to form a Celtic union of some kind and take back lost territory similar to the Purple Phoenix missions would be a blast! Anyway its only food for thought, I hope you like my ideas!
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