Solution to Ridiculously long Purge times: Death Worlds

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Dec 4, 2018
When you decide to purge a species, it will take a very long time for the species to purge completely since only one pop can go down at a time. Because of this, players have to resettle pops to different planets, increasing micromanagement and making the game more nightmarish. So I have made an alternative: Death Worlds.

Tier I death worlds can be made on any planet that isn’t the capital. They require a technology called Death Worlds or, if the empire is Genocidal or uses the new Necroid civics/origins they will have it researched already. The technology appears at the same time as Penal Colonies and Resort Worlds techs pop up at and cost the same. It has a 100% immigration pull for undesirables and a 100% emigration push for non undesirables. Every few years (I can‘t think of an exact number) the planet will exterminate all undesirables on the planet in a very short span of time.

Tier II death worlds require the neutron sweep technology and they have a 200% immigration pull/emigration push for undesirables/non-undesirables respectively. Then the neutron sweep will activate killing everyone on the planet immediately.

One edict that can be activated permanently is the Relocation Protocols which immediately resettles undesirables to Death Worlds.
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Or they could just fix pop growth/decline.
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EDIT, I didn't read closely enough, but this could be part of the solution. It's a similar problem to unemployment cheese, where you just have hundreds of pops producing ridiculous amounts of unity and science with no real penalties, even though housing and amenities are in the gutter.

I saw a suggestion once where there should be a "job" or "capacity" of sorts where only pops in that tab will produce resources, everyone outside of that will just be a drain, because the planet can't support any more than that. For purging, these excess pops will be killed off quickly and indiscriminately, while those in the 'job' will be killed at a slower rate (still faster than today), and produce their resources. There could be an auto-resettlement, that spreads these pops out across allowed planets, but you don't get a situation where you can purge dozens or hundreds of pops one at a time for many years, or over a decade. When it comes to the crisis, pops will just be killed off indiscriminately, or the planet will be rendered uninhabitable after some amount of time, putting you on the clock to rescue them.
Death worlds are an interesting concept, and could be applied to multiple purge types, allowing you to get bonuses for keeping them in a dedicated area. But pop growth overall likely needs to be reworked first.
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