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Amazing! Yours is the most exciting game around currently. I'm definitely rooting for WC. Just do it. :) Only National focuses will probably hold you back from colonizing more places and faster, but you might just sneak colonize the rim of Africa in time and prevent further incursions by the British or French. You'll have to fight them at some point probably, so better before they core on Africa.
Brilliant game against the Ottomans. If you can take provinces ending in the mountains of Anatolia, it will be the next attrition zone for the next war (perhaps combined with lvl1 fortresses?) or if you can take provinces in Iraq, you'll border Persia where there are more juicy provinces (but beware, the Russians are known to NOM Persia often, so you might end up with a border there with them.
You'll probably have too much low literacy pop to jump up to a medium literacy by taking parts of Norway from Sweden? Nah Sweden might attack you back with more advanced weaponry, better not do it.
If you damage the Ottomans too much, there is a real chance Russia will try to sphere them. If you try to invade Persia next, there is a very good chance Russia has already sphered them. Beware the Bear....
После Великой Уведомление о выполненных до сих пор!
(means "Great AAR so far!")
Sorry, too much of a Cyrillic accent.
Don't use Google translator (or whatever you used)... Ever... :)

P.S. Great AAR though. I'm just wandering whether it's possible to westernize Sokoto without going beyond the infamy limit. Personally, don't think so. At least, not in the 19th century.
P.S. Great AAR though. I'm just wandering whether it's possible to westernize Sokoto without going beyond the infamy limit. Personally, don't think so. At least, not in the 19th century.

It is most definitely possible to westernise as any country without fighting a single war, its just very dependent on luck and your generals not constantly dying.

Don't use Google translator (or whatever you used)... Ever... :)

What did he actually say? I'm curious.
It is most definitely possible to westernise as any country without fighting a single war, its just very dependent on luck and your generals not constantly dying.
Yeah, you're right, I remember pulling this off with Hyderabad once. However, in Sokoto's case low literacy makes it hard to beat other countries in prestige-rich inventions.
What did he actually say? I'm curious.
Hard to translate. Something like: "After Great Notification of accomplished so far!" Russian language has different grammar.
Are the Ottomen still a GP? Otherwise expect big brother France to come to the rescue :p Good job on the war, you are nearly as competant as your enemies! Gonna steal some industy from this war? You could use it.

Where to from here? I doubt Sokoto has many more neighbours to bully and the fleet always sinks
Thank you profusely for the replies!

loki100 - I was rather surprised the Ottomans were quite that suicidal! With the AI acting nearly ineptly as I do, I may just have a chance.

Sadly the great Kabe was feeling poorly of late, thus the lack of poetry. Alas his illness proved quite serious, as this update sadly shows.

Surt - I'm not surprised the Ottomans fell for the cunning ruse, few things in the world are more valuable than sand!

Juan_de_Marco - Many, many thanks for the kind words (your bribe is en route!). I'm still not sure if WC is possible but as I said, I'll certainly conquer as much as possible until I am stopped! I plan on taking a chunk out of Persia as you suggest, as this update shows, as I've already demanded Kuwait from the Ottomans. I'm trying to keep as far from Russia as possible, as you've said they are all too prone to gobbling up Persia and parts of the Ottomans and a border with them at present would spell disaster.

Sweden and Norway are not my next target for invasion, as you say, too risky with their technology. However the next target after the three wars I am currently fighting should improve my literacy by quite a bit should things go to plan!

Tanzhang (譚張) - Believe me, I am very wary of the bear! Thankfully it is France rather than Russia who have sphered the Ottomans. This is a bit annoying since it stops me from taking further Ottoman lands but at least it should keep Russia in check (well, maybe, they did go against France in this update). As for Persia, I've got her under my own control!

InnocentIII - And you never suffer more than when you read a Sokoto poem!

wzhang29 - Thank you for the kind words (your bribe is in the post), very glad you like the AAR!

Ahigin - Thank you profusely for the kind words (your bribe is on the way!). As Tanzhang has kindly said, I do think it possible to westernise quite quickly with Sokoto whilst not breaking the infamy limit. Encouraging officers from the start should give you enough generals to break through the required 50 military score, as Tanzhang has said. Then if you wish for a completely pacifist approach you can simply get some prestige technologies researched to meet the prestige requirement and this shouldn't take too long.

If instead you are open to some conquest, whilst not breaking the infamy limit, I'd strongly advise an early war with Portugal as I did at the start of this AAR. You gain a useful colony from doing so and it knocks Portugal out of secondary power status, something she never seems to recover from, this meaning you have one less colonising power to deal with. Then if you have gained a colony from Portugal I would again advise conquering Madagascar (once your infamy is low enough to do so, of course), she is rich in resources and has a large population which will help you considerably. From here you can launch a number of humiliation wars (keeping below the infamy limit, of course) against Oranjes, Transvaal, Zulu, Oman and other nations on the Arabian Peninsula to get the required prestige.

Or if you would rather avoid war with Portugal at the start, you could instead annex Transvaal for the early gold mine, or take one of Oman's African colony's so as to gain a coastal province, this allowing conquest of Madagascar once again. Or if you want no conquests whatsoever, just launch a number of humiliation wars against the nations listed above, this will easily net you enough prestige in time. There are many options available!

Having now typed far too much, I am quite sure you now wish you had never asked the question!

Rae - They are barely holding on as a secondary power, France has now sphered them. I was terrified of France intervening on their side but as tamius kindly confirmed earlier, as the aggressor it seems no one can intervene on the Ottomans behalf. Thank goodness frankly! I have got my eye on nabbing a good few provinces with Ottoman factories in them, my industry isn't doing too badly though, as this update will show (huzzah for wineries and distilleries!).

As for where next, well I have to finish off these three wars firstly and then I'll see. I have a good few targets in mind, it really depends on who is sphered or not. You'll see on the ninth screenshot for this update that Sokoto is getting a few 'fighting' ships made though. Hopefully they aren't quite as ramshackle as is usual for Sokoto shipping!

Juan_de_Marco - Exactly!
Chapter Twelve - Russian to War​

With the war against the Ottomans going surprisingly well the Sokoto government is pleased that the public seem to be increasingly supportive of Sokoto's non-stop warring.


It of little importance that this report of proceedings is rather innaccurate and should instead read;

'As the soldiers depart from their lodgings and barracks to go off, as no young Sokoto man wishes to, to fight, bleed, suffer injuries due to incompetent officers and bleed some more in the great war, their closed marching columns are heckled on their way by women and children of all ages, standing along roadsides and roadsides alone as Sokoto has no rail, sending them off with tears or insults, dependant upon whether the crowd have loved ones departing or are simply heckling Sokoto's warmongering army, decorating their weapons with funeral wreaths.'

It is a number of years since Sokoto began the process of industrialisation. Already several of her newly created products have found success, selling well. This especially true of her now world renowned, 'I Can't Believe It's Not Wine'.


This alcohol free 'wine' given a wonderful and unique flavour due to the addition of brown foul smelling water, of which Sokoto has a copious supply. Unsurprisingly with such a taste the 'wine' is selling very well the world over, this helping to drive Sokoto's industrialisation.

A week later and the nation is moved to mourning as news that Sokoto's great poet, Abdullah Kabe, has sadly passed away.


Thankfully Kabe's moving last poem at least slightly consoles the grieving nation;

I am without peer,
This is quite clear.
None can challenge me,
This is plain to see.

Thus young poets of Sokoto do not waste your time,
You shall never shine.
In my glory you pale,
I have more ability than you all in my toe nail.

Really none of you cheeky young brats should even consider attempting to assume my mantle,
Otherwise I will make you as sorry as I now am for having used the word 'mantle' as it ryhmes with nothing...-antle.

Mercifully alongside the terrible news of Kabe's passing there is also some good.


Mocambique now has enough bureaucrats to be promoted to a fully fledged state once Sokoto is no longer at war, with all of the advantages this will bring. The people of Mocambique no doubt eagerly awaiting a huge increase in taxes, increased governmental incompetence and forced wearing of pink, all of which comes with statehood. The government next begin 'Encouraging Bureaucrats' in newly acquired Sena, keen as they are to confer the benefits of statehood upon this province too.

There is huge dissapointment within the Sokoto army a month later.


Despite sending thousands of men into a desert province, fighting an enemy in said inhospitable desert province and giving the men the bare minimum of supplies, Sokoto has suffered few casaulties. Clearly Abasama is too gifted a general. It now sadly seems evident that despite the Sokoto army's best efforts Sokoto is unlikely to match the Ottomans impressively high number of self-inflicted casaulties.

The army is slightly bouyed a few weeks later as Sokoto lose a respectable number of men against a hugely outnumbered Ottoman force.


However it is clear this attempt at incompetence has come too late, matching the Ottomans number of casaulties now impossible as they unfortunately have no army left.

With the easy part of the war, mere battles, now seemingly complete the tough work begins. Sokoto's forces settling down to the horrifying task of siege work, many succumbing to dreadful injuries such as sore backs caused by too much napping within the first weeks of siege duty.

The government is left horribly worried a few weeks later.


With an astoundingly high literacy rate of 7% this book is sure to be well read and cause mayhem within Werder.

Months later and Sokoto's government is left impressed by Russia's opportunism as Russia declares war upon the now defenceless Ottomans.


In doing so the Russian diplomats prove themselves as skilled as their Sokoto counterparts, seemingly having overlooked the small and unimportant fact that whilst the Ottomans are now defenceless, they are also within France's sphere.

With the nation still grief striken following the passing of Sokoto's great poet, at last another steps forward to assume his role.


No less a person than Kabe's own son, Abdullah Kabe named after his legendary father. Kabe junior soon proving to a delighted nation that he possesses his father's great ability;

My old father has finally passed away,
This does not make me glad I have to say,
I shall now become Sokoto's national poet,
Of this you all know it,
And unlike the old duffer I can actually make a poem ryhme correct-lay.

With Sokoto's army having somehow won a number of victories over the last few years a reactionary member of the Upper House makes a speech praising their conduct and urging further warfare in the future.


This an impressive speech which would have been well receieved by the House if only the House had actually been in session. As it is a party of children visiting on a school trip are the only people to hear this speech, but they do at least applaud it politely.

The horror of siege warfare is briefly interrupted as the Ottomans recruit a sizeable force which Sokoto need defeat.


Sokoto's army is left once again disgusted however, as Abasama secures an impressive victory over the newly recruited and still disorganised Ottoman troops. Clearly the Ottomans truly have trumped Sokoto in this war as Sokoto is finding it impossible to suffer as many casaulties as them.

As the Russians have been aiding Sokoto considerably in the war against the Ottomans Sokoto is quick to show her appreciation for this aid.


By hurriedly blocking Russian access to further Ottoman land, Sokoto not wishing to surrender any more possible war score.

Sokoto's government is left pleased after an effort to impress the international community goes well.


This event helping to heal the growing rift between Russia and Sokoto caused by both nations racing one and other to grab Ottoman territory. That Russia's ambassador, an attendee to the hunt, is left severally mauled by several 'lions' who look suspiciously like men dressed in suits, is then a much regretted coincidence.

With what is left of Russia's ambassador to Sokoto returning home, Russia seems to get the message, soon ending her war with the Ottomans.


Unsurprisingly with Sokoto having proven a hugely helpful ally to Russia in their war against the Ottomans, Russia emerges triumphant despite also having fought the considerable might of France, as she gains Kars.

The people of Sena rejoice in June as finally they have enough bureaucrats to become a full state once the war ends, taking to the streets in celebrations.


Or rather, whilst perhaps not 'rejoicing' they do certainly take to the streets in what some call rebellion. For some reason they are rather unhappy at the prospect of the 'benefits' of statehood soon being conferred upon them. The government next begins 'Encouraging Clerks' in Werder in a bid to improve Sokoto's burgeoning industry. Sure as they are that a nation with such high literacy is more than able to support many such workers.

Sokoto's diplomats are for once quite happy with their new assignment, as they are being sent to Persia. As Persia considers Sokoto a friendly nation they expect no trouble from this diplomatic mission.


Many months later the gaunt looking diplomats are found wandering western Persia by Sokoto's invading forces. The long suffering diplomats having learned that even 'friendly' nations do not like receiving declarations of war.

[I had to get Persia to friendly status so as to stop any other great power attempting to sphere her. Britain was already at 'cordial' before I had their opinion lowered.]

Persia's forces are soon crushed, their heavy reliance upon irregulars proving their undoing.


With these victories there is considerable embarrassment for the army as once again Sokoto suffers very few casaulties. Clearly the removal of Abasama and Rumfa from active command need be considered.

As the wars against the Ottomans and Persia are progressing astoundingly well the Sokoto government sends the barely recovered diplomats on yet another diplomatic mission.


War is declared against the now much weakened Egypt. Whilst now much weakened, Egypt do still know how to deal with diplomats bearing bad news. The diplomats returning to Sokoto several days later, left badly shaken by the experience of near mummification at the hands of an enraged Egypt.

With war being waged against three nations and Sokoto's forces now stretched thin, the army hopes that fighting in the desert filled Egypt will finally get things back on track, supplying Sokoto with plenty of casualties.


Sadly Abasama dashes their hopes once again. Egypt's forces are quickly vanquished and Sokoto's forces are left to endure the horror of besieging her provinces where many of Sokoto's troops suffer terrible injuries such as sun burn.
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I guess your troops are really amped up to fight from all those Jinoistic events. They seem to beat all foes even with bad generals and horrible poetry. Perhaps the women and children heckling them gave them enough anger to get the job done better?
One of the disadvantages of Sokoto becoming a GP is that it can no longer use an acquire state CB against uncivilised nations. I demand a map of Greater Sokoto once you annex Persia and Egypt.
this is quite breathless stuff ... I'm too much of a cautious player to even consider pulling these stunts. But among the mayhem, the image that really stood out was the terrifying news that the UK was #3 in the world wine production charts ... has anyone drunk the stuff?
When I played Greece, the Ottomans often got a reactionary revolution after my wars against them, which not only removes any spheres but also the truce. I am keeping my fingers crossed.
Hey! the Kars region is split, is that due to the fact that you occupied half of it (Van) when the Russians signed the peace treaty? Never saw that before..
How many states does Egypt have left? You might have to befriend them for the duration of the next truce, in order to be able to take them as protectorate after the next truce ends.
Thank you profusely for the replies!

brycef - I think you could be on to something. Any soldier able to survive reading or hearing Kabe's 'epic' work, the incompetence of Sokoto's officers and the heckling of most of Sokoto's women and childern is likely near inured to pain, and thus it is now only the strong left in Sokoto's armies!

Tanzhang (譚張) - Very true, being unable to gain full states when conquering unicivilised nations is quite irksome but gaining full states from fellow civilised nations does make up for it! As for the map, it is included and you'll see Sokoto looks rather fontastic now.

loki100 - I like to imagine Sokoto has actually imported quite a bit of British wine. Anything to toughen up her soldiers and perhaps cause a good few casualties (drinking such stuff is more than likely to cause this after all!).

Derahan - Few words perhaps but greatly appreciated ones nonetheless, thank you for the kind words (your bribe is en route!).

sorem - Thank you, I have my fingers crossed too! France now having sphered them is a considerable annoyance but hopefully revolution, as you have alluded to, will free them from the shackles of France...so that they can quickly enter into the shackles of Sokoto!

Juan_de_Marco - I had a quick check after you mentioned the Kars region, it does seem to be looking a bit odd as you say, but Russia appears to have it all as Batum, Ardahan and Kars itself are all now owned by Russia as part of the Kars province. Van is apparently part of the Malataya province, thus still owned by the Ottomans. I'm not sure if al of this is correct though, I'm not particularly knowledgeable about this area of the map.

With the end of this current war Egypt is nearing possible annexation but it'll likely take two wars as of yet. Thankfully no GP seems interested in her, this likely because I've already conquered all of her coastal provinces, except her capital, and I alone border her! I'll certainly keep an eye out for any GP attempting to add her to their sphere though.
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Chapter Thirteen - Fontastic​

Sokoto has now been continually at war for over five years. Whilst all of these wars against Nejd, Greece, Portugal, the Ottomans, Persia and now Egypt are wholly defensive wars which Sokoto was forced into out of no choice but to protect herself, for some reason Sokoto's public is becoming a bit sick and tired of this constant warfare.


It almost as if peace is somehow preferable to suffering numerous casaulties and having all of the nation's resources wasted by the army. Undaunted by this lack of enthusiasm for war, the government is determined to wait until it can demand yet more lands before seeking peace with Sokoto's enemies.

With further war currently impossible the government instead turns to domestic matters and is left very pleased as the results of the policy to 'Encourage Clerks' in Werder are announced, the policy now having run for a year.


With such a large number of clerks now trained in Werder, clearly a province of 438,000 is unable to support any more, the government begins to instead 'Encourage Clergy' in Zaria. Keen as they are to maintain the high standards of Sokot education. Literacy now at an astonishingly high 7.5%, this primarily due to Sokoto's great school system.

The policy of 'Encouraging Clergy' quickly proving a success as ever more parents demand their children be subjected to Sokot education.


The government more than happy to welcome more children to Sokoto's battlefields, otherwise known as schools.

Whilst Sokoto continues to struggle to demand more land from her near defeated opponents, there is some good news as research into 'Medicine' is completed a few months later.


This after research into 'Basic Chemistry' finished in June 1855 [For some reason I failed to take a screenshot of this.] with the creation of a new explosive proven to do huge damage to Sokoto's troops, uh, to enemy troops that is. The government then ordered the research into 'Medicine' following demands from Sokoto's army. The army demanding such research after careful study proved that the average 19th century medicine happily caused more injury and death for those being 'cured' than non-medical remedies could ever hope to achieve. With such 'medicine' the army hopes to suffer far more casaulties in the future.

The government next orders 'Ideological Thought' researched, eager as they are to promote a widespread freedom for anyone within Sokoto to pursue their own ideological agenda. Provided said ideological agenda conforms fully with that of the ruling Conversative party.

Horror and shame grips the nation a few months later.


Sokoto may be at war with three nations at present but this is entirely unimportant in comparison to the opening of another beer hall in Palestine, this causing disgust within the nation. Thankfully the government quickly step in, several ministers promising the offending hall will quickly be shut down. After they have visited said hall numerous times so as to 'study' the problem in detail of course.

Despite having deftly handled the urgent matter of a newly opened beer hall the government finds itself with further worries a couple of months later.


Support for war is continuing to dwindle within Sokoto, this despite Kabe's best efforts to encourage such support within the nation;

Our armies certainly always do flee,
They continue to near bankrupt the nation with their demands,
They suffer many a casaulty,
Men with no skill are given commands.

If victory ever seems assured,
Be quite certain of defeat,
Any optimism when considering our army will soon be cured,
Suffering loss after loss their usual feat.

With even these inspiring words from Kabe failing to increase support for war the government is forced to reluctantly begin seeking peace.


Persia the first to gladly accept highly lenient terms.

Alongside the agreement of these highy lenient peace terms comes the start of another election campaign, Sokoto experiencing near non-stop elections alongside non-stop war in the last few years. Unsurprisingly Sokoto's public much prefer the warring to the elections.


The reason for these continual elections is that upon finally winning an election any newly appointed Sokot Prime Minister quickly realises that he has spent his life backstabbing, cheating, lying and acting a smarmy weasel all in order to become the leader of a horribly dysfunctional nation where incompetence is lauded, a nation which is hated by most of the world due to her perfidious warmongering tendencies. Upon such realisation any new Prime Minister quickly resigns, disgusted at having wasted his life to achieve so foolish a goal.

[In truth I am holding non-stop elections so as to constantly increase support for jingoism and the liberal party with each election event allowing this. I want a strong liberal presence in the Upper House so that I can easily pass reforms in the future.]

With Sokoto emerging victorious from her war against the smaller, weaker and technologically disadvantaged Persia the public is left hugely surprised and impressed. They had thought victory against even a nation of Persia's size quite impossible for Sokoto.


This victory providing a much needed boost to support for war in the nation, it is still not quite enough to secure yet more lands from Sokoto's opponents. Thus the government once again unwillingly agree another lenient peace deal, this time with Egypt.

As yet another wholly unexpected victory is achieved against the far weaker Egypt, Sokoto's public for some reason never expecting victory against any nation regardless of size due to the usual incompetence of the army, support for war finally reaches an acceptable level within Sokoto once again.


One last province is demanded from the Ottomans.

A few weeks later and the war against the Ottomans at last comes to an end.


That it has taken over four years to finally defeat the Ottomans is testament not only to the stunning ineptness within the army, but so too within the government in so misjudging the public's apetite for war that several overly lenient peace deals had to be secured before this war could end. It is a proud day for both army and government.

Nonetheless with the war now over a potentially dangerous neighbour has been well and truly defeated, many rich new lands have been acquired, a considerable deal of industry has been stolen from the Ottomans and, far more importantly, the cartographers now have to use even larger font.


It simply a pity then that the cartographers seem to be still unsure as to where Sokoto's traditional lands are actually located. As they continue to place Sokoto's name over her Ethiopian and Arabian holdings rather than over Sokoto itself.
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Wow, Egypt is down to only five states. Too bad you couldn't demand more, or you'd have been able to annex them next time.

Looks like you're going after the colonization techs; what is your colonization strategy, if you have one?