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Aug 6, 2002
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Hi there...

I have been thinking that we have advanced little in the past 3 weeks. Our team-leader chaingun went away on holidays and apart from correcting minimal change of IDs we moved nowhere further.

What are our plans for the future? Are we just going to let this project sink after all the hard work invested?

I do not want to let that happen, so please let's carry on. I know nothing about programming myself, so is there anything else which doesn't require those skills I can do?

I don't mind being the only one still enthusiastic about this but please at least point me out a direction.




May 20, 2002
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We can't do much but wait till someone codes a bit more for the converter. The basic stuff is done now (province and TAG conversion) now we need to have ideas on how to convert EU2 game concepts into VIC game concepts and someone to do the programming for that.


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Aug 6, 2002
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Have all countries been converted? Can't we advance at least in that direction?

Has Chaingun abandonded us? :eek:


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Dec 21, 2003
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well, i know c/c++ pretty good. and now that im about to transfer, i'm gonna actually have some time to do some stuff (which will be a NICE change of pace, let me tell ya!)

does anyone have the source, or is it somewhere that's downloadable? be glad to take a look at it and start working on it some. it'll take me a few days to get up to speed, since i havent done any of the programming thus far. that, and the first few changes will probably be fixes and cosmetic stuff... i tend to be a somewhat anal coder. ;)
the other thing is, it'd probably be good to have someone else look at the code, since code written completely by one person tends to get a bit... strange over time.

anyway, id be glad to help. just point me in the right direction.


Dark Lord of the Filth
Aug 6, 2002
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Welcome back Ohms!

Chaingun has stated he was thinking of opening the source since he was having scarce time to devote to this project nowadays.

I think you should contact him regarding this subject. :)