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Jan 12, 2000
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This is an extract from the Austrian AAR (Part 1), that I've written. It will probably be shown on the After Action Reports page sometime after the webmaster decides to publish the remaining Swedish AAR parts of 7-10.

The Austrian AAR will deal, mostly, with wars against the German principlities along with France. A good deal of bribery, backstabbing and all out warfare in western Europe will be delt with in the new AAR's.

Detail will continue to mostly look on the warfare and diplomatic aspects of the game and I'll make sure to add as much background historical information along with some amusing (or not? :)) narrative.

Obviously it will also have many screenshots, for all you visual junkies who like icing on their cake :) Especially you Zaib ;)

'..November 2nd, after a long and hazardous trek I arrive in Besancon, a Spanish province being pillaged & assaulted by 17,000 Lorraine soldiers. The fortress cannot hold out much longer so I attack them to their complete surprise in a dawn charge, cavalry leading the assault on Nov 20th annihilating close to 5,000 of their men and sending them into flight back into their own territory.

A Spanish envoy congratulates the Field Marshal for his courageous service on this day, especially since our army is still quite exhausted from the long march from Vienna.

In December my army under Papenheim moves into Metz, already being assaulted by 23,000 Spaniards. Papenheim immediately joins the siege, (combined Spanish / Austrian forces of 66,000) assault Metz. Two days later Metz surrenders unconditionally due to overwhelming losses.

(To the east, Spanish and French armies battle out just across the borders of Lorraine, the Spaniards slowly gaining advantage because of much larger forces and the inability of France to send in reinforcements quick enough)...'



Jan 12, 2000
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So it is written, so it shall be done.

Patric it is.




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Apr 3, 2000
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How about Webmaestro? Or even better, simply Maestro. :)



Jan 12, 2000
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That'll depend on how talented he is in adding new AAR's up asap ;)