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Feb 7, 2021

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This AAR relates to my Domination of the Draka Mod:


The Domination of the Draka is an alternate history book series from the 1980s. There's a brief explanation given from this old thread:

Someone else did a similar AAR a while ago:

The scenario starts in 1936. I'm playing as Germany. I'm going to try to defeat the Draka when they invade after I defeat the Soviet Union. Should be a challenge.



The World in 1936
Re-occupation of the Rhineland
Annexation of Austria
Preparing for Sudeten landgrab
Invasion of Czechoslovakia
Spanish Civil War
Anti-Comintern Pact and Spanish Intervention
Tiso installed in Czechoslovakia

New year

Shifting production to armaments

The Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact and coup in Danzig
Danzig or War - WAR!
Warsaw is captured
Battle on the Siegfried line
Invasion of Belgium and Luxembourg
Invasion of The Netherlands
France Offensive

Breakthrough at Longwy
Encirclement Around Lille
Paris is taken
Marseille is taken
The Battle of Britain
The Battle of Britain resumed
Invasion of Yugoslavia
Belgrade is captured
Invasion of Denmark

Preparation for invasion of Russia
Operation Barbarossa
Lwow is taken
Rowne is taken
Minsk is taken
Kanuas is taken
Reaching the Dnieper river
Soviet resistance in the South
Riga is taken
Tallinn, Smolensk, and Kiiv are taken
Leningrad is taken
Novgorod is taken
Brjansk is taken
Kursk is taken
Odessa is taken


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The World in 1936

Germany is the main power in Europe, surrounded by France, Poland, and Italy. The USA controls all of North America. Japan controls East China as a puppet, and the Draka control all of Africa and much of Asia.

1-1-1936 1.png

To the east, resides the Soviet Union and Drakan Asia.

1-1-1936 5.png

We have Drakan Africa to the south.

1-1-1936 2.png

In the far east, we have the Empire of Japan.

1-1-1936 4.png

Over the Atlantic, we have the United States of America.

1-1-1936 3.png

And South America, dominated by Brazil.

1-1-1936 6.png

More to come soon.
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I heard about this Draka what is it from? Maybe a little introduction where they come from could be helpful? :)

It's an alternate history book series from the 1980s. There's a brief explanation given from this old thread:

I'll update the introduction with more information.
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