Skirmish Pilot Stat Breakdown

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Mar 22, 2018
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Hi all, haven't posted here often but I play a lot of skirmish (it's my favorite way to play the game) and the occasional multiplayer with RL friends. I've never been a huge fan of how you can see enemy pilot names, but none of their stats so you essentially just have to have them all memorized to play optimally. A long time ago I stopped memorizing them and just wrote down everything about them. Then very recently a friend of mine took that data and put it in PDF you can just print out and examine while playing.

Here it is. Please let me know if you find any errors or have feedback. My art-capable friend can pretty easily change it. Hopefully it's useful to people other than myself!

Edit 1: Just after posting this I realized he used the old icons for the skills. I'll ask him to change those and upload a new version later.

Edit 2: Hmm, I see this was moved to Multiplayer. I personally play a lot of Skirmish vs the AI and I've done that a lot more than I have against human opponents. Moving it to multiplayer makes it harder to find for someone like myself that rarely plays actual multiplayer, so I don't think I agree with the move. Suppose I don't have much control over that though.

Edit 3: Fixed the icons!


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