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Jun 6, 2019
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One line summary of your issue

A siege battle with me on assaulting side and the AI on defensive side has siphoner AI casting devotion onto suppressor tower and exposes itself to flanking attacks.

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Revelations and Invasions

Please explain your issue is in as much detail as possible.

When I attack a city controlled by a heritor secret tech AI, and if they have a siphoner in position on the left side of the city, the siphoner will always waste its devotion onto the suppressor tower which does nothing. Especially if the AI is charging out the city to try and smash me in the face.

Have you tried verifying your files?


Steps to reproduce the issue

Attack a city that has at least 2-3 stacks with siphoners present in the stack that will show up on the left side of the defense. That siphoner will always do that bad decision. The heritor AI has done it two times out of two times that it has happened. All it does is exposes the priest to flanking shots from my snipers and waste its devotion onto the tower which will in fact do nothing and have its devotion put onto cooldown for nothing.

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