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Sep 14, 2010
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Basic Information:

I was wondering if anyone wanted to get a succession game going? Ideally We'd have about four players minimum. I'd prefer to play in either England or France, but our starting dynasty shall be determined by voting between playing members. An AAR is also preferred once you've entered the realm of the dead, but if you'd rather just explain what happened then that's alright, even if boring ;).

At the very least, you will require Crusader Kings: Deus Vult and its latest beta patch.


The only rules I can think of isn't so strict, in the sense that some deviation is allowed if it means survival for the dynasty/life offline. The number one rule should be for you to roleplay and act as your character would, that meaning, if he's a kind, peaceful person, you shouldn't go around grabbing claims, attacking people, or killing your nephews.

Secondly, please try and finish your game by five to six days. If you're swamped offline but are genuinely playing, I'm sure we'd be happy to allow you to continue. If you simply stop responding and show no interest in continuing, your turn will be inherited by the next player and you will be ejected from the game.

That's all with rules for now until I can think of more. Turns will work as they do in other games, in that you take on the son of the previous ruler (and forum member). Sometimes your turn will be outrageously long, other times it could of course last only about a week in game time. No matter if it bothers you, please finish your game and turn in the proper manner. As for deciding who goes first and last, I'll likely have it randomized somehow.

If the game doesn't finish by the time the list is exhausted (this is likely of course) then the pattern simply repeats :).


At current I'm using a few of the .exe mods, they being female inheritance, arrange courtier marriages, no time limit (this will of course not be a problem, we'll still end in 1453) with DVIP. If you're not willing to play with .exe mods for moral reasons or something, I'm willing to play Vanilla, but I'd prefer to at the very least retain DVIP or TASS.
Oct 23, 2009
hi do u patch have 4 age of kings

i play teutons redbeard campane


btw teutons not historic accuracy i do research,i try tell ensemble but dead now? eaten by microsoft


okay fine nice maybe but not same as proper aoe game right??? right!!!

k now dream,bonne nuit!
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