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May 24, 2020
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1. What platform are you using? PS4
2. What version of the game are you using? Latest update.
3. What DLC do you have installed? All
4. When did this start happening? Endgame crisis
5. Can you replicate it, if so, please explain how. Not at this time, as need to start a new file (mine is in iron man mode), get to the crisis and hope for the contingency
6. Does this happen on all saves or just specific ones? Specific one so far
7. What steps have you taken to try and solve this yourself (reinstall, Google error code etc)? Unable to, as previously stated due to iron man mode. Informing the community in case this is an issue.

Problem - last night I took out the contingency, but the trophy didnt drop. I personally took out all machine worlds with my planet cracker; I received notifications that the signal was weakening throughout, so dont think this is the same as the pc bug reported a couple years ago. Just wanted to heads up.