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Sicilian Pastorale


Queen Maria I d'Aragó

Queen Maria I d'Aragó the "Godmother"
Heiress to the throne
Venice and Knights
Holy War of Succession
Heir in foreing court with peace
War of Sicilian conquest
More the allies, more the help
Long live Queen Maria I! Long live Queen Maria II!

Queen Maria II d'Aragó


Like mother, like daughter
Explorations and cultural acceptions
Florentine School of Azores
Sudden death of Maria II

King Francesco I Colonna


The Genosians are the ones to blame of her death!
Alliance with Habsburgs
Cores and Heirs
To east and west our nation shall grow
Council of Trent

Leopoldo I Colonna

Leopoldo I Colonna, King of Sicily and Naples
The catholic teachings are wrong
Crusade against the Ottomans.

Martino I Corleone

King's Crusade
In the name of the emperor we explore these seas
For God, Gold, Glory and the Sicilian company
To India and beyond
Anno Domini 1553
Final deeds of the Corleone emperor

Maria III Colonna

Revolution and Liberation
End of the Sicilian Crusade
Formation of Italian Empire and Holy Roman Empress.
Slaves of the Holy Roman Empire
I want you to become the protector of Rome
Step down from your ivory tower

Martino II Colonna

The Empress is dead! Long live the Empress!
Like mother, like son
Once again unto the breach

Cosimo I Colonna


Cosimo I
All the Ceasar's men
No heretics in Imperial Europe
Yes we can drive them off!
Rebels and deal with Stadholder Neville
Anno Domini 1663
O'Neill's ambitions

Niall O'Neill

Rise of Evil, part 1, Good Morning your Majesty
Rise of Evil, part 2, Rebellion gone Bad
Rise of Evil, part 3, Baltar's demise
Downfall, part 1, Rumours of Rebellion
Downfall part 2, Deal
Downfall part 3, Kalends of February

Karl IV Colonna

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Brethren. ;)

You have too many AARs running at the same time. :cool:

Too many would be a rabbi and a horse going to a bra.....

There never can be enough AARs running.

Queen Maria I d'Aragó the "Godmother"

What is Sicily? Some may ask but i'll tell you the what it is. Sicily is an minor Kingdom in the Mediterranean, consisting of the island of Sicily and Malta. Ruled by Maria I d'Aragò, cousin of the King of Aragon.

Oh yes, Aragon. Our only ally at the moment and the one protector we look up much like as an little sister looks up on her big brother. We belong to the same great dynasty.

But for our pathetic armies and navies our Brother decided to claim our throne in case something would happen to Maria I.

The Italian peninsula is full of little city states and all of them have their own goals and agendas. We wanted the same as Urbino and Papal State, allies in the Peninsula.

Maria I was married to Prince Mario of Sardinia in February 1400. What an great day of joy.

But they are all the same, the King of Sardinia laid his claim on our throne now that his son was the husband of Queen Maria I.

We soon entered the era of war when Papal state our ally attacked our ally Urbino. Maria I made a though choice and decided to join Urbino's side.
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hmmm...all those claims, everyone wants to rule sicily
we need a good Padrino to sort out that mess, si?:D
Subscrib'd. :)
Looks interesting. Following. :)
Heiress to the throne

Even though we were at war the Genosian traders wanted to open up an trade post in Messina.

We continued to spread our relations and the cousin of Maria I was married to the King of Tuscany.

The Papal armies had retreated to Ancona and Rome fall in to our hands. By Maria's orders the city was to be kept intact and the people left alone.

Only a year after the war had started the Papal state was running out of room.

Maria I as the leader of the war proposed a peace to the Papal State who were forced to accept it. Both Romagna and Ancona were ceded to Sicily.

In Autumn 1402 heiress to the throne was born and all foreing claims from foreing nations were nulled.

Another marriage was arranged in 1405 with Napless.
Venice and Knights

For now it was our turn to claim throne of Milan. Maria I was more than pleased to show that she also had guts to claim others even though her nation was small.

To show her strenght more she allied Venice. They had recently had an coup and the new Doge was in favor of allying other Italian nations.

d'Arago dynasty was once again married to other when Maria I negotiated an marriage for her two daughters, one with the Prince of Crete and the other to an Prince of Cyprus.

There world went to shock when news about heresy in the court of Order of St. John arrived to Rome.
Holy War of Succession

But then we turned to south, to the infidel lands of Tripoli. A war with the approval of Maria I and the Pope was declared on them.

The first armies arrived to Tripolitania to lay the infidel armies to waste.

But then the King of Milan died and he happened to promise the throne to Nappless but Maria I wanted it for herself and was furious about this and decided to declare war on Napples.

While the armies in Sicily prepared to enter the peninsula peace with Tripoli was made with huge gains to us.

Napples was the first to strike but they were defeated in Palermo.

From north trough the lands gained from Papal State, few thousand troops attacked Abruzzia and defeated the defenders.

Sicily striked straight in to the heart of Napples, we attacked Napoli and defeated the armies defending the city. We had the victory in our hands.
don't worry about naples, as long as they don't build a bridge over the straits you are fine :D
Hmm, it looks like Sicily is quickly becoming the dominant power in Italy. Good work. :)
Heir in foreing court with peace

Due the successful marriage policy made by Maria I, Crete now had an d'Arago as the heir to the throne.

Soon enough the city of Napoli fell to our glorious armies.

And peace was concluded with Napples and Queen Maria I became the Queen of both Sicily and Napples while Napples remained automony.
If you're able to inherit Milan, you'll be well on your way to uniting Italy. Can Sicily even do that?
Anyway, good update. :)
If you're able to inherit Milan, you'll be well on your way to uniting Italy. Can Sicily even do that?
Anyway, good update. :)

Not they cannot. Sicilian and Umbrian cultures are incapable of uniting Italy in HTTT, which is what he is playing.
Very nice! The Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, anyone? Except this time, Sicily's in charge!