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Oct 20, 2000
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  • Europa Universalis IV
As we may by now all know, there are some misspellings, syntax-errors etc. within the German in-game messages, which are bearable but a bit annoying nevertheless. Most of them can be corrected by editing the text.csv with Wordpad.
Now my question is: Should I do by myself, or will there be an overhauled version anyway?

Thanx, Hartmann


Oct 19, 2000
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Hi Patric !

Could you please post a list of the errors that are already found, so that the players of the german version can make some additions (if necessary) ?

I've already made the most corrections by myself and therefore I would like to now if a patch will replace my work completely or if it will force me to start again !

I've not only corrected the Seeschlacht report error (instead of Feldschlacht), but also some english rests in the text.csv.
Also there are some german words that are too long for the button space (better said: the buttons will get to wide to hold the text and therefore there is some overlapping; this kind of sh.. happens with almost every game translated and localised to german, but it's the german language who causes this problems) and minor misspellings. Another problem is that there couldn't all be fixed in the text.csv, because there are a few glitches in the eu.exe:
'Capacity x of y' instead of 'Kapazität x von y' in the tooltiptext, when you rest with the mouse over fleets, or the still english backg´round textes in the colonize info window and some strange messages about '... Truppen aus Eingeboren' (... troops from natives) if you are attacked from natives.

I know, this all seems like nagging, but as an owner of this brilliant (but hard) game I want it to be perfect !!! ;)

So a little list would be nice to make some additional input, before you adress these things to blackstar in little portions.

That's all folks,


(This is meant as constructive, not destructive critizism !!!)