Should the Celestial Empire reform give a bonus to max Absolutism?

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A +10 Maximum absolutism bonus would be ideal
It would make sense in principle, in game the Great Qing (Celestial Empire) is literally the poster child for the age of absolutism.
It would allow an Emperor of China to make more use of the Eunuch estate privileges from the Domination dlc.
Most notably, it would balance things out because a nation with the Celestial Empire reform uses meritocracy instead of legitimacy. This means a nation with the Celestial Empire reform will, on average, have less max absolutism than other monarchies. This feels strange due to the aforementioned reason
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It would make sense in principle, in game the Great Qing (Celestial Empire) is literally the poster child for the age of absolutism.
Pretty sure that that's France, under Louis XIV
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China isnt a good model for absolutism because of the aforementioned court eunuchs. It shouldnt get a buff
I agree that China isn't a good model, but it should get a small buff to absolutism. On the contrary, the eunuchs estate should via influence and privilege give hefty penalty to absolutism. This is because there are times in history where Chinese Emperor has unrestricted power that court officials and eunuchs afraid of. And there were also times where the emperor just a puppet by either court official or eunuch factions.

I also think that absolutism for celestial empire should have debuff to meritocracy in the sense that if the emperor has unrestricted power, then the court official efficiency will be dropped.
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The mission Heaven's Will gives +10% maximum effect of absolutism. Which is almost better when you do your Government Reforms and Estate Privileges right. Ming/Qing/Korea/Japan can get a pretty chill WC.

Now give the damn mission tree to Dai Viet, Yuan and Tibet.

OP if anything I'd have the devs replace the Qing age ability to a general "Emperor of China" age ability.
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China isnt a good model for absolutism because of the aforementioned court eunuchs. It shouldnt get a buff
One teeny tiny issue with this: The game itself is wrong in portraying the Eunuchs as that powerful, at least for the Ming until the late 1500s. The Ming dynasty was extremely autocratic, and the Eunuchs didn't really have much power until the Emperors stopped caring and gave the Eunuchs increasing power as they isolated themselves in the Forbidden City. The Qing reduced heavily the number of Eunuchs as well, after the Ming collapsed in part because of the erosion of the autocracy that had kept the Eunuchs at bay.

Eunuchs were indeed appointed to high positions, but so were nobles in Louis XIV's France.

A brief look at Wikipedia (even if it's just a jumping off point) demonstrates this point:

As this demonstrates, the Eunuchs were in constant competition with the scholar-bureaucrats and were delibrately kept at bay until the Wanli Emperor ceased to care about court business, at which point the Eunuchs were not longer curtailed. I'm not sure that the Celestial Empire reform ITSELF should have Max Absolutism, but the Ming definitely would have it realistically.
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