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Mar 19, 2010
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In HOI 4, to me, you need to know the Vanilla version cold (several hundred hours) before attempting BICE - which is awesome.

My question is with HOI 3 BICE. Should I just start studying HOI 3 BICE right now as I re-begin my research on HOI 3? Or should I attempt to get a firm grasp of Vanilla before shifting to BICE?

Thank you

PS - Any mods the veterans suggest I should use that ‘fix’ things? And are they available on Steam.
PPS – Is the HOI 3 BICE community still active?

Count Blue

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Mar 21, 2013
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There is subforum for BICE in HOI3 and its very active I can tell you.:)
If you have never played HOi3 it might be ok to play at least one game of vanilla first before starting wit BICE.
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May 13, 2003
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There are several major differences between vanilla HOI3 and BICE, but most of the concepts and mechanics are similar enough to apply to both. BICE is a lot further toward the deep end of the pool, so learning to swim in the shallower end first is generally recommended.

That said, while I appreciate a lot of what the BICE team did, there are a few design decisions that really rub me the wrong way, particularly when the game throws massive boosts or stacked penalties at you to enforce historical outcomes. The tech tree is also a lot more convoluted, and until you know what techs you're going to need down the road and which techs have to be researched early to unlock them, it's a bit of a "trial and error" thing. Vanilla is far more forgiving, and easier to learn. Ultimately, the added depth in the mod is mostly a good thing, but the approach they chose leaves something to be desired. My preference leans toward the less-drastic mods like Downfall, Fox & Lion, Historical Plausibility Project, etc.
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