Ship Simulator Extremes Developer Diary #1

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VSTEP developer
Jan 26, 2010
Ship Simulator Extremes Developer Diaries
In the final stretch towards the release of Ship Simulator Extremes in august 2010, we will be giving Ship Sim fans a unique behind-the-scenes look of the VSTEP development studio and learn what the Ship Simulator Extremes team is up to in a series of developer diaries.

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Developer Diary #1 : Aqua Pla(n)ning

A not so long time ago, in a dev. studio in Rotterdam...

Every good meal requires the right amount of ingredients, a cook that knows what he’s doing and an enthusiastic audience to devour the creation. If you put it that way, Ship Simulator Extremes is in fact not so different from a delicious lamb chop or tournedos dish.
Before we put the kettle on the stove however, there is always a lot of planning to precede the actual development. A planning that is subject to change…and change…and change again until it’s just right. There is no room for chaos in the kitchen development studio. That doesn’t mean the chaos factor doesn’t creep in occassionally though. More so, it is inevitable to pop-up at some stage when working on a project of this magnitude and complexity...

Key is how one manages this chaos factor, something we’ve become quite good at throughout the years.

One of the biggest challenges at the start of any development process is feature selection, aka the « what do we want and don’t we want in the game »-discussion. Thankfully, we have our community to tell us exactly « what they want », « what they don’t want », « what they really, really – pretty please with sugar on top want », or « what they wouldn’t touch with a large iron pole if we ever dare to put it in the game. »
However fantastic it is to receive feedback from our community, it inevitably means we have to make heartbreaking choices as well. After all, it’s impossible to integrate every suggestion.

So unfortunately, even while we really like the idea of a multi-missile launcher powerboat with James Bond at the helm, or the Black Pearl having a go against our modern navy frigates, these are features currently not implemented in Ship Simulator Extremes (we can see the modmakers in the back with a big smile on their face now) !

We wonder if the Extremes in the title has poised some of you to send us these pretty wild ideas ? Surely not, Miss Moneypenny.

Till next time...

Frank Dolmans
VSTEP (Ship Simulator Extremes developer)



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May 21, 2010
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What I would really like is a plug in for this and HOI3 so when a major naval battle is about to happen in HOI3 I will get the option of exporting the scenario to play out in SSE, then export the results back into HOI3.
I realise that I am dreaming, but it would be the ultimate expansion of both games.