Ship Simulator Extremes Collection released!

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(Champagne for launching ceremony unfortunately not included)

Paradox Interactive and developer VSTEP have today released the most complete Ship Simulator gaming experience to date in Ship Simulator Extremes Collection, available via retail and all major digital distribution platforms with a recommended retail price of €29.99/$29.99. Featuring Ship Simulator Extremes, ALL previously released add-on and DLC content, Ship Simulator Extremes Collection is the ultimate gaming experience for every aspiring mariner. This comprehensive collection features hundreds of hours of maritime seafaring realism as you captain an extensive range of accurately recreated sea craft of all sizes.

The collection gives you maximum access to everything ever released for this best-selling ship simulator, making this a must for every simulation fan!
And to commemorate the release, Paradox Interactive and VSTEP have released a salty wave of brand new screenshots!

Main Features:
- Includes Ship Simulator Extremes and all six DLC content packages: Ferry Pack, Fishing Trawler, Offshore Supply Vessel, Luxury Cruise Ship, Harbour Pilot Boat, Cargo Vessel
- The included DLC's add 10 new vessels to the game and increase the total amount of playable vessels to 40 ships, all realistically recreated and each with specific behaviour. From fast inflatables to massive cargo vessels, you name it, you sail it the way it was meant to be!
- New gameplay features, player campaigns, storylines and missions taking place in famous locations and ports from all over the world
- Realistic ocean physics and weather systems. Sail in calm waters or take on extreme storms
- Mission Editor updated with all new DLC vessels allowing you to create your own brand new missions to share online with your friends or the Ship Simulator Community
- Online multiplayer mode for up to 24 players

View the Ship Simulator Extremes Collection Announcement trailer:

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