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Sep 4, 2005
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Shaybanid - Central Asia's Finest
Shaybanid in July 1539

That's us right there in the centre. Quite a nice country really.

Here's a bit more about us, the kind of info we'd supply for a personal ad cos see, it says we're honourable.

Of course we're of the good true religion of Sunni Islam. You will note to that life really is greener on the Sunni side of life as opposed to Shi'ite.

Here's our pride and joy, Samarkand. When it comes to cities there is no finer. That little pile of coins the soldier is guarding means that lots of people like to shop in Samarkand too which is nice.

We're landlocked but that doesn't bother us as water is kind of scary. In fact the only river in our land, the Amu Darya, flows so fast and fierce it actually rushes back up the hills as you can see above.

We may not have much idea but we do have some. However this "Divine Supremacy" thing sounds a bit wishy washy.

Yeah why not go for some Smithian Supremacy instead, plus monocles are so in this summer.

We're mostly content with our lot but our lot really should be a bit bigger as you can see here.

Maybe this will help achieve that end?
HAHA :) Subscribed - After Scourge from the east, I have to read it.

Shaybanid land must be truly original place, with different laws of hydrodynamics :rofl:
Funny, will be reading this.
The best bit about having all those shops is surely that you'll get to meet girls!

Oh, one other thing are you Uzbek?
You're Uzbek and allying with Kazakhs?

Are you out of your mind? They've got inferior potassium (even if they tell everyone else different)
I will be sure to follow what will doubtless be an entertaining saga.
I will never support you! uzbeks are the scum of the world!
Chief Ragusa - An interesting saying. It could well be true for the Kazakhs are rather a dominating force in the region along with the Persians. So I'm sandwiched between them.

thrashing mad - Thanks, it does indeed have interesting gravity. This will be different than my Horde AAR in that it will be largely picture based.

Cyrus_The_Great - Thank you, an honour to know that you are eager to read.

Dysken - Thanks, I'll try to keep the humour up.

EvilSanta - Great to have you along in one of my AARs after I've enjoyed quite a few of yours.

Snake IV - Thanks, you're always a welcome reader to have with good comments to make.

PrawnStar - I am Uzbek. I swear it was an accident that I didn't notice until I had begun preparing the AAR. I figured why not go with it and see things from the other side.

J. Passepartout - Aye. Being Uzbek (note its a capital U in this AAR ;) ) will surprise some but I can't resist getting to own Samarkand since I'm fascinated by the whole area and particularly that city.

RGB - Strange as it is, it's true.

Tomczas - Well lets have a look at how Tatars seem from the other side shall we?

billy bob - Well you can be the guy that follows this AAR always hoping to see it crumble and offering bad advice. Does that suit?

Farquharson - So true :D An excellent saying there, maybe national motto for Shaybanid?
Do not ally with Kazakh! They consider your people assholes after all (like Borat said). You could expect a serious stab in back after some time, but it is your game of course and you are the one making decisions :p . Good luck!
An Uzbek DOW just does not sound right. We all know how much you like writing events. Change your culture, edit your rulers list to give yourself the right culture and the right sounding leaders.

Shaybanid being Uzbek just isn't right. I can't believe you'd be really committed to having them win, not really, deep down.

I can see Kazaks soon becoming kazaks, though. How good are your relations with your neightbours? Good beiong relative, of course.
Yes it does suit. Now declare war on the Persians!!! Do it now!
Good to get in on the ground-floor of another DoW AAR. Nice to see you taking the uzbek -- I guess we're back to Uzbek now, right? -- side this time.

Duke of Wellington said:
You will note to that life really is greener on the Sunni side of life as opposed to Shi'ite.
This made me smile. Good luck with the Shaybanids (I suspect you will need it) and looking forward to the next installment of this AAR.