Seriously need the message settings back. (Please add back CK2 QoL things)

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Yes, such a foundational feature as being told when a potentially later game ending event like war has occurred or not being high priority shown so many uninteresting messages that the important ones drown in the stream of "yes, yes, click, click, click, go away", should not require modding.
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And a detailed balance sheets for every character like CK2. And a button to see everyone else's relationship with everyone else. And a ledger. And more map modes. Good lord... What else am I forgetting? You think these things don't matter until you come to situation where you wish these things still existed.
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Also the list cursor should not reset itself whenever an action is made on any list, i.e. selecting a unit from the roster should not reset the list back to top; selecting a vassal of an other tag's vassal list should not default the list back to top; selecting one from the character finder should not reset the listing in the character finder; etc.

Also clicking a character for its dynasty tree should open the tree with focus on the character in the opened dynasty tree, not a default dynasty head of that dynasty (so no more searching for the character among hundred family members; it was slightly fun for a while; now it has become utter annoyance).

Also there should be a find character function in the dynasty tree.

Also there should be a direct vassal filter in the character finder, as opposed to current workaround of combined filters with vassals+ruler, which brings every vassal ruler from direct vassals of the player to hundred barons of vassals' vassals.

Also there should be notification settings for the wanderers from the player's court, specifically addressing the player's dynasty members; also th- (left out of breath, typing fingers ache...)

Then bump this thread, brother. We're starting a rebel faction with growing discontent today ;P
Strictly-mongol-or-any-steppe-tribe player here (99% of the runs so far); joining the faction to bring all the available horde, with total development of 8 (in 50+ provinces).

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Missing QoL fixes is in my opinion the worst (and dumbest) aspect of newest PDX games. Problems that were fixed YEARS ago in previous titles are reintroduced in the new releases. Missing things like message settings or game rules templates, really?

Haha yeah, it makes zero sense to take away diplo map mode. I remember Stellaris didn't have diplo map mode at launch, either. I'm not liking this trend.

Who needs map modes in games, where all you do is stare at the map constantly? ;)

The obvious answer is that those features were cut due to time constraints but for me it's still baffling. It takes way too long to readd them (if ever).
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Were message settings park of core CK2, before any expansions? Were they added as a free feature later on? I never played the game before it had a dozen DLCs.
Regardless of whether they were or weren't, does it seem wise to intentionally leave out features that make the UI easier to deal with when moving on to the next version?
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Regardless of whether they were or weren't, does it seem wise to intentionally leave out features that make the UI easier to deal with when moving on to the next version?
Of course not. I only ask because, if they were part of the core game at release (as they are not part of core CK3 at release), then the odds of them being added later on are lower. If they were a free addition to the game AFTER release, then we may still get them for CK3.