Separate ideas for England and GB (with names and descriptions)

Separate ideas for England and GB (with names and descriptions)

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Jan 20, 2010
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England starts out the EU4 timeline as - let's be honest - a second-tier power, but by 1820 is top dog. That makes it hard to decide what level of strength to give to English national ideas.

The solution seems obvious, though: have England and Great Britain have different national ideas, and different government forms while we're at it. Given that the 1.25 update is focusing on the British Isles and France, I really hope to see this implemented.

England should be a traditional feudal type government with national ideas that are focused on traditional feudal preoccupations - land conquest, stability, tax collection, and religion among them. The quality of the national ideas should be below that of France. Notably, feudal England was not a naval power. It was Henry VIII who first properly developed English naval strength, and his reign started in 1509.

Great Britain should have a different government form - ahead of its time in terms of progressiveness - and top-tier national ideas relating to naval power, colonisation, the early development of industry, and the introduction of a disciplined, professional army.

To that end, I suggest the following:

English National Ideas


  • Bonus 1: +20% Fort Defence

  • Bonus 2: +1 Diplomatic Relations
Idea 1

  • Name: The Longbow

  • Description: Though later rendered obsolete by the development of firearms and artillery, the longbow was still in widespread use during the later years of the Hundred Years War. A second Agincourt could yet revive English ambitions in France.

  • Bonus: +10% Infantry Combat Ability
Idea 2:

  • Name: Hundreds and Shires

  • Description: The historical division of English land into Hundreds and Shires meant that England was more centralised than its continental peers. Most importantly, this assisted greatly in the administration of taxation.

  • Bonus: +15% National Tax Modifier
Idea 3:

  • Name: Common law

  • Description: This system of precedent-based law made by judges divided England from the rest of Europe, where Roman law dominated. The development of common law rights constrained the excesses of the nobility and gave all free men a uniform recourse against injustice.

  • Bonus: -0.10 Monthly autonomy change
Idea 4:

  • Name: The Elizabethan Settlement

  • Description: The Elizabethan Religious Settlement of 1559 re-established the Church of England's independence from Rome and standardised the form of worship across the country. In doing so it laid to rest years of religious controversy by adopting a compromise between Protestantism and Catholicism.

  • Bonus: -1 National Unrest
Idea 5:

  • Name: Claims to France

  • Description: England maintains its historical claims to the French crown. Taking this land is the natural right of all English kings.

  • Bonus: -10% Aggressive Expansion Impact
Idea 6:

  • Name: Sir Francis Drake

  • Description: While Spain reaped the wealth of its vast empire in the New World, England looked upon their treasure fleets with envy. With so much plunder available, the growth of royally sanctioned piracy was inevitable.

  • Bonus: +20% Privateer efficiency
Idea 7:

  • Name: The Royal Society

  • Description: Founded in 1660, the Royal Society counted Robert Boyle, Isaac Newton and Robert Hooke among its members.

  • Bonus: -10% Technology cost

  • Bonus: +5% Discipline
British National Ideas


  • Bonus 1: +20% Morale of navies

  • Bonus 2: +33% Embargo Efficiency
Idea 1

  • Name: A Royal Navy

  • Description: Beginning around 1495, the Tudor monarchy invested heavily in not just ships but the infrastructure to support them. This for many was the official founding of the royal navy.

  • Bonus 1: +10% Heavy Ship Combat Ability

  • Bonus 2: +1 Yearly Naval Tradition
Idea 2*:

  • Name: A New Model Army

  • Description: Formed in 1645 by the Parliamentarians in the English Civil War, the New Model Army introduced full-time professional soldiers and officers to England. Though later disbanded, it would lay the foundation for the idea of a small but professional army.

  • Bonus: +20% Infantry Combat Ability
Idea 3:

  • Name: Supremacy of Parliament

  • Description: As continental Europe fell under the rule of absolute monarchs, Britain alone championed the cause of liberty. Though Parliament was far from democratic, it nonetheless limited the use of arbitrary royal authority.

  • Bonus: +1 Legitimacy
Idea 4:

  • Name: First British Empire

  • Description: Brought to an end by the American Revolutionary War, the First British Empire came about in the 17th century as a result of the settlement of North America and the development of sugar plantations in the West Indies. The loss of its American colonies would lead to Britain turning its focus east.

  • Bonus: +20 Global Settler Increase
Idea 5:

  • Name: The Bank of England

  • Description: Building a fleet large enough to stop France meant borrowing a lot of money. To that end, a Royal Charter was given in 1694 to create the Bank of England, which would lay the foundations for the modern central bank.

  • Bonus: -0.5 Interest
Idea 6:

  • Name: The Redcoats

  • Description: Worn from the mid-17th century to the 19th century, the red coat was a symbol of the precision and drill of the British Army's line infantry.

  • Bonus: +1 Land Leader Fire
Idea 7:

  • Name: The First Industrial Revolution

  • Description: Starting from around 1760, the Industrial Revolution was the transition to new manufacturing methods using machines and factories. It led to a boom in prosperity, the growth of cities and enabled large increases in populations.

  • Bonus 1: -10% Development cost

  • Bonus: +5% Discipline

*Possible variation for idea 2, if the current GB idea set is considered too OP:

Idea 2:

  • Name: A New Model Army

  • Description: Formed in 1645 by the Parliamentarians in the English Civil War, the New Model Army introduced full-time professional soldiers and officers to England. Though later disbanded, it would lay the foundation for the idea of a small but professional army.

  • Bonus: +20% Infantry Combat Ability
  • Penalty: -15% Land Force Limit modifier
This is designed to reflect that historically, Britain's army was considered to be of good quality/training, but it was prevented from being a major land power by the size of its army.

Please also note that I currently picture the "New Model Army" event being removed, as it would be made redundant by some of these ideas.
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