Jun 8, 2017
Hi - really enjoying playing PA on the ipad! Might be a bug, might just be me doing something wrong, but thought it best to report.

I sold my prison in order to start again with the additional funds. But I can find no way of doing so. If I start a new game the funds aren't available. In the saved game, the 'sell prison' option on the accountancy tab is still green - if I select it I get the option to confirm the sale again, and then a message to say the prison has already been sold. However, on the shares tab it says I own still 100% of the prison and I can buy and sell shares.

No screens, sorry.

Playing on ipad pro, ios 10.3.1.
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Aug 1, 2017
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Also arrived to ask this question. But the prison sale profit just seems to be a dropdown containing different sums you can select - For me, up to 500.000 at the moment.
Can anyone confirm that if you sell a prison for 800,000 then you would be able to select that in the dropdown?