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My computer is currently on the fritz, and currently some software is completely at random not working on my GPU but working fine on the integrated intel. THAT IS NOT A PROBLEM RELATING TO PARADOX OR THEIR SOFTWARE OR ONE THAT I WANT YOU ALL TO SOLVE, it's a weird hardware issue that's gonna probably require me to replace my whole computer and I'm putting off that cause it'll be expensive as all heck.

WHAT I'M REQUESTING is how I can force CK3 to render only on my integrated intel card (I understand I won't get good performance lol) so that I can get CK3 working on my computer, because due to the aforementioned issue it presently doesn't.

I tried the current only way to do this under windows, going into the win10 graphics settings and selecting this application and telling it to run on the "power-saving" integrated intel.

Except CK3 seems to be ignoring this completely.

I understand this is a issue pretty much specific to me that more than likely nobody else will have to deal with or want to do, but I would like to play the new game I just bought. Thanks very much!
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If you have an Intel/nVidia setup, you need to use their nVidia control panel - manage 3D settings. Force ck3.exe to to the 'integrated Intel" option there.

If you have AMD/Intel, I assume they have an equivalent function in Catalyst.