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I've run into a few questions when I moved my empire capital. The sector with the old capital is still referred to as the core sector while the sector with the new capital is just a sector. If I delete and recreate the old core sector, it too is now just called a sector, but the new capital sector also is just called a sector not the core sector. Is the term core sector just flavor text or is there something special/different about the core sector compared to other sectors. And if the latter is the new empire capital sector getting those even if it's not called the core sector?

Also, and I'm pretty sure I know the answer to this one, is there a way to have a planet other than the empire capital be the sector capital of that sector? Before moving my empire capital, my sectors actually ended up laid out pretty well via the automatic system, it was a pleasant surprise. But after moving the empire capital, and thus changing the sector capital, the range limit from the new capital has now moved one planet out off on it's own and infringed on to the range of the first sector (did all that makes sense). Once again, wish we could just design our own sectors or AT LEAST let us pick the center point form where the sector range limit originates, that would be a major improvement.
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