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Mar 25, 2020
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1. Sector creation and Sector range

We should be able to customize our sectors, and to allow for that, we could have a sector system that is a mix between the pre-2.2 system and the current one.

Just like now, when you create a Sector, the systems within Sector Range would be added by default when a sector is created, or player's territory is expanded. Then, you can add or remove systems at will within the Sector Range.

Each sector has base 2 Sector Range, making it the default for newly established colonies. Planetary Administration expands it to 3, Planetary Capital expands it to 4, and System-Capital Complex expands it to 5. That way, the Empire Capital starts with 3 sector range, and new colonies starts with 2. The more developed the Sector Capital, the bigger the Sector can be.

You can't remove the Sector Capital from the Sector (the Sector Capital must first moved to another planet, or the Sector deleted) and all systems within the Sector have to maintain internal hyperlane connection to the Sector Capita. This means that a system can't be added unless it has a direct hyperlane connection to a system already in the Sector, and that a system can't be removed if it's needed to maintain a connection between the Sector Capital and another system.

1. Allow Sector Capitals to process Trade Value

Rather than force us to direct all trade routes to the Empire Capital, I believe that we should be able to also direct trade routes to Sector Capital instead, and convert Trade Value into energy there.

That said, it should not be too easy. So, a Galactic Stock Exchange building must be constructed on the Sector Capital first in order for the planet to be a valid trade route destination.
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