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Welcome to my first attempt at a tag-swap AAR. For those unfamiliar, I will be switching between nations after a certain amount of time between 5 to 15 years (exact time to be determined depending on what I could accomplish). The goal is to make the played nation stronger than it was before I take it over. There are a number of rules I'd like to specify below.

All normal settings except:
Lucky Nations: None

Unplayable nations - nations that are deemed quite powerful unless RNG hadn't been favorable towards them (status may change in late game [1700s onwards])
-England/Great Britain
-dominant Chinese nation
-Japan (not the individual Japanese states)

Situational nations - playable nations if they have trouble consolidating power due to bad alliances or bad AI
-Muscovy/Novgorod (Russia)
-Sweden/Denmark (Scandinavia)
-rising Indian nation (Hindustan)
-rising Japanese nation (Japan)

OPM/TPM - minor nations won't be played since, in EU3, fabricating claims isn't possible making gameplay very boring (exceptions will be made if they have great potential)

Otherwise, all the other nations are fair game.

I will be using the Death and Taxes mod but I will be adding in my own changes to balance the gameplay somewhat. I will be compiling the changes I've made below so readers will be informed.

-No nation will get colonists until they picked the idea Quest for the New World. Even coastal COT won't be enough to overcome the -2 colonists/year for every single nation.
-Quest for the New World provides +2.5 colonists/year
-No Spy Spamming - nations with less than 30 provinces cannot get spies (a pet peeve of mine :p)
-England/GB debuff (lasts until 1700) - England/GB normally expands out of control in most of my games, the debuff will greatly lessen their offensive capabilities (lower morale, discipline) and increase their provinces' defensiveness (harder to occupy English provinces), no changes to their OP navy
-France debuff (lasts until 1700) - France becomes unbelievably strong so, until 1700, they will get massive debuffs (lower infamy limit, more infamy/year) if she has more than 30 provinces (note that provinces in the French region are very rich)
-Chinese state debuff (lasts until 1700) - same debuff as France but only if she has more than 50 provinces
-Japan/Russia/Hindustan debuff (lasts until 1700) - same debuff as France upon formation
-All nations debuff (lasts until 1700) - same as France but only if they have more than 40 provinces (won't stack with the other debuffs)
-unify_China CB: peace cost factor = 0.25
-Japanese CB: infamy factor = 0.25
-crusade CB: infamy factor = 0.25
-imperial CB: infamy factor = 0.1, peace cost factor = 0.1
-revolutionary CB: infamy factor = 0.1, peace cost factor = 0.1
-truce lasts 3 years only

This AAR will be semi-interactive. I will be providing nations (4 or 5) and readers have a week to vote. I will be picking the first nations but, from that point onwards, readers have some influence in the world affairs. :p

Mild Interactivity approved by Mr. Capiatlist

While this thread has been made, I still have to make more changes to the balances so we won't be starting just yet. New updates to rules or balances will be announced until I start playing where, unless something is game breaking, no more changes will be made to the game.
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