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Sep 23, 2019
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Playing as Germany, and talking about the northern pocket with the 4 units at the start. Created them into a army and added 6 more in Jan 1 1939. Created a front line on the polish front. I then created a first offensive line for these units, no problem. I now create a second offensive line, I get an arrow that says no units assigned. What can I do to get this to work?


Mar 10, 2021
Hmm, I'm not sure you can do that. Afaik, the way the game sees it, you have given the divisions two orders, one to executed first, then another order for afterwards.

You can try selecting some of the divisions and ctrl+left-click on the second order, but I'm not sure it'll work.

What will work - even if it is cumbersome - is creating a second front, ctrl+left-clicking to assign some divisions to it, and then creating offensive line for that front.
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Jul 23, 2020
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you have to actually assign them to the second arrow. divisions only automatically assign to orders you draw with said divisions selected if they aren't already assigned to another order - in this case they are already assigned to the first arrow you drew.

select the divisions you want to assign to the second arrow (can do using shift clicks) and then ctrl + left click.


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Jun 22, 2012
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Select the units you want for the second order and ctrl-click that second order (with the "No divisions" text). The selected units will be assigned to that order.

If you draw one offensive line after another, keeping the same units selected, you'll get a second (third, etc) arrow from the line you just drew. Notice where the base of the arrow sits. That's the "origin point" for the units assigned to the arrow. They'll start on that stage of the plan once they reach their origin point.

If you need to change the origin point for units (the base of the arrow), while you're holding down the right mouse button you're using to draw the new destination offensive line, you can use the tab key to cycle between the successive offensive lines in the plan as the origin point. Normally the origin point starts on the last offensive line or front line you drew, and when you draw a second one, that new line because the new origin point. But if you're trying to draw a second arrow, and the base of that arrow is stuck on the wrong line, press tab a few times to see it move around and wind up where you want.

You can shift-click on the "go" arrow and select individual arrows to execute just part of a plan, rather than having everything take off at once.

You can Alt-click on an arrow to enter edit mode, in which you can drag the arrow to one side or the other of its default path to fine-tune the course of the units or fill in gaps.
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