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Aug 27, 2016
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Hello Commanders,

The registration for the 1v1 Tournament in July starts now.

You can sign up here:

It will take place at the 15th of July 2 pm CESt

I will work with a check in system 1 hour before the tournament, like I did in the last 2v2 one, again so that we dont have any not participating players in the bracket when the tournament starts.

You have to join the discord if you want to participate:

You Can support the Prizepool of the Tournament here:
Everyone who wants to help to organize or cast is welcome too :)
Prizepool at the moment: 60$


Bo1 till Final
Bo3 Final and Game for Bronze
500 Start Points
Normal Income
40 Minutes or 2500 to till the game ends

No mirror Matches

Before the match starts you have to flip a coin at:

Upper one in the bracket opens the link the lower one chooses head or tails

1. The winner decides if he wants to choose map or faction The one left over gets chosen by the loser

2.Faction gets chosen first, map afterward

3.Both players text the orga in discord which division they wanna pick, then they show their division picks after orga confirms that both players made their picks. Changes aren't allowed afterward anymore.
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