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Dec 7, 2020
Hello! A probably often asked question, but I still couldn't find a post / answer - maybe I'm too "blind" .... sorry! Darkest Hour is not displayed in the full 17" screen resolution on my laptop, only as a small box (right and left with black stripes) ... I tried the setting options in the launch box but that doesn't work! Is there one possibility to change the display so that my 17 "screen is fully used by the game?


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Dec 13, 2002
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If you are running with Intel graphics, you should have a little program installed "Intel Graphic Settings" . Open it and check to see if "Scale Full Screen" is checked.

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Right click on Darkest Hour.exe then go to Compatibility Settings - first check "disable Fullscreen Optimization" then click on "chance high DPI Settings" and check the "override High DPI scaling behavior" and it must be selected scaling performed by "Application" and its done.

That helps if you use Windows 10 at every Game that displays the Picture in that wrong Way.

Hope thats your Problem,good Luck.
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