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Sep 12, 2003
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Updated April 9, 2004 4:03PM PST (-8 GMT)

Description: A complete unitnames list for Victoria.
I have used Guinnessmonkey's unitnames.csv along with work done by KVLT_45 and naval unitnames by bhnkpl for the basis of my unitnames.csv mod. From there I fixed all bugs and added user suggestions and new country unitnames.
My first goal was to make sure all the major powers and middle powers had infantry unitnames at least. This goal has been achieved - my new goal is to fix any remaining bugs, and see what other things can be done.

Which Countries Have Unit Names? Please view the list at http://victoria.ws4f.us/thelist.html

Changelog: The changelog can be found at this address: http://victoria.ws4f.us

Discussion Thread: Please use this location for discussion and comments.

Disclaimer: My unitnames file uses historically accurate names, with some names being ahistorical, and has been developed not only be me but by many of the forum members here. I have used their ideas and combined them into one massive file. If anyone has a problem with me using some of their ideas in the file, please PM me. :D


  • unitnames-april09-2004.zip
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Jan 13, 2004
Great work!

In China, before the revolution in 1911, the division in new army is not be called "Shi", but "Zhen".
And infantry division is "Bubing Zhen", Cavalry division is "Qibing Zhen". there was not any Dragon unit so it could be called "Longqibing Zhen".

The Militia unit can be see as a kind of old type unit, although it was not well organized, it was called "Yong ying", means "Braves battalion".

General Aegis

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May 26, 2004
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It works with VIP last version or any other mods?