Save Game, Auto Save, and Quick Save Feature not working on Xbox One, HELP!

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Jun 29, 2021
Hi, I have been an avid paradox player for years and I've never had an issue until now. Roughly 2 weeks ago, my Save Game, Auto Save, and Quick Save Feature have stopped working on my Xbox One. This feature has worked flawlessly on AOW ever since I first played it well over two years ago, but somehow it has randomly stopped working entirely (anytime the game is saved "successfully", there is no visible saved data under the load game option) . Here's what I've tried doing to fix it:

- Restart Game
- Restart Xbox
- Delete & Reinstall game + all DLC from Microsoft Store
- Delete & Reinstall game + all DLC from purchasing new disc(s)
- Delete all AOW sync data & saved games + all DLC then reinstalling
- Logout then log back into Xbox Profile
- Soft Reset Xbox
- Hard Reset Xbox
- Contact Microsoft Support for Troubleshooting (Case# 1525300888)
- Contact 3rd party company for troubleshooting
- Login to Xbox profile and attempt to save game on different Xbox One console (issue persists)
- Both advanced and basic troubleshooting steps

Nothing has worked... So, I basically spent $120+ on this game and all its DLC's, I no longer have any of the progress or saved games from the last 1000+ hours I've spent playing AOW, spent countless hours trying to troubleshoot, and the game is essentially unplayable at this point. To say that I am livid would be putting it very, VERY lightly. I don't want to stop playing this game or harbor ill feelings about its quality but I am dangerously close to wits end at this point and am in serious need of assistance, please help as soon as possible. Thank you.

P.S. Would love to recover my old sync data and/or saved games if that is possible.
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