Save file format & inaccessible tiles

Save file format & inaccessible tiles

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I've searched for instructions on how the save file is built, as my game bugged the middle of the yard and it is inaccessible to anyone though it is in the middle of nowhere - I just can't build nor remove anything in this area. The worker is picking up the stuff to put there, and... drops it the very same moment, reporting "inaccessible".

inaccessible tile indicated with red rectangle

So I thought I'd edit the save file (which while saved to cloud does not back up anywhere on my PC... seriously...), and fount the autosave is still there... hurray! I started to search the problematic place, and in fact it is quite surprising - the save file contains no material there (while I expected "dirt"), and the condition 0.0000. While analysing the file, I found that in many squares I have something called PrisonDir and StaffDir. I guess this indicates the recommended direction for the staff members or prisoners, right? If so, why does it appear eg at perimeter walls, especially I didn't set any of those yet? Or maybe this is completely different thing...?

Undocumented PrisonDir and StaffDir tags within save file. Explanation not available nor on official Paradox Wiki, nor on the fanmade one...

Hopefully someone can explain this to me so I can repair my prison and continue on building it (I'm halfway through) :)

Erm... @moderator (anyone), would you mind moving this topic to Support & Bug Reports? I was not really aware I will not be able to move it to different section, and that such section exists (my bad). Thanks in advance.