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Mar 22, 2008
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here it will be my first attempt to write an AAR...i chose sarawak because i always dreamt to be on a submarine to do piracy in the borneo!! whoaaa..
i'll start within hours to publish some material XD
feel free to comment and discuss

Guy Montag

i'm sorry in advance for my bad english (one of my objectives for this AAR is to learn it well! :rofl: )

using HoI2 DD ARMA 1.00, with cold war tech tree expansion
fullIC & techteam takeover ON
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The nation of Sarawak gained independence on the 2nd of January of 1936. Yet at the very beginning of her path the nation faced huge dissent, because of her artificial nature of British puppet..


The Head of State, Charles de Windt Brooke, gave the order to begin the research of destroyers, because him and the admiral Evans thought that a island nation must have a navy...the chief of navy wanted to earn his pay!


but in the very early days of this government the natives continued to revolt against its rule (like they have done against british colonization), this state of things could not go ahead!
and on the 6th of the same mont, a coup overthrow the cabinet


the first thing this new government did was to garrison all provinces, to prevent another coup...the ruthlessness of Maula Bakhash and the iron fist of Charles John Piper began to reveal...


Living in Sarawak become no more what it used to be!
Sarawak of all nations. You are a braver person than me :D.

But why did you send Brooke, the White Raja away? He would be perfect for the role of mad dictator.
Yay, another Sarawak AAR, I hope you continue this to the end sir!


Also where did you get those events? Is that standard ARMA or did you make them?

first meeting of the new cabinet


Ministers were sitting in a room in the presidential palace in Kuching..they were waiting for the Head of State, all were here: the Head of Government, Hashim Madani; the Foreign Minister, Charles John Piper; the Minister of Armament, John Barrington; the Minister of National Security, Daniel Grainger; the Head of Intelligence, Maurice Hankey; the Chief of Army, general Akhir ul-Zaman; the Chief of Navy, admiral Anwar bin Muhammed; the Chief of Air Force, commander Abdullah Ahmed; the Chief of Staff was not present...the door slammed, Maula Bakhash entered the room, he looked at his ministers thinking "they are not very competent men, but they are loyal to...ME!!! this is important! i won't lose my power with them by my side, i'm sure..i gave them all they have.."
he smiled and started to talk
"so guys, finally it happens, uh?"
the weight of silence was very heavy, he shouted
"nobody here?!?" he laughed "let's start our work now, C.J. what is our international status now?"
Charles John Piper replied "in this moment, the british guarantee our independence but that's all..i think we must adopt a more aggressive policy to achieve something on the regional stage, maybe press our claims on the entire borneo...but alone we are doomed to fail, the dutch are too strong for us, and i'm sure the british will intervene to preserve the status quo in the area...it's better not to anger our previous masters, i think"
"but what if we fund indipendentists in indonesia? with a good spy network maybe we can gain something without much risk...nobody will think that a small nation like us have so big ambitions!" said Maurice Hankey
"My dear Maurice" replied John Barrington "we don't have the money to issue an operation like this!" he looked at Maula "we need to expand our industry, without this we can do only..nothing!"
"you're right" stated Maula "Hashim, write on the agenda that we must expand our industry, so my dear John, are you happy now?" "Maula, i was not joking..we NEED an industry!!!" "I understand, John...but YOU are in charge of all the industrial sector so DO something NOW!" john's eyes were full of terror.. "i beg your pardon Maula..i will do all is in my power for our industry"
"this pleases me, good work John...i like you" he smiled
"but now we must move on, we won't stay here until tomorrow, won't we? so Daniel, what's the internal situation?"
Daniel Grainger replied "The dissent against the past government is vanishing very fast..people love you, Maula" "this is sweet music for my ears dear Daniel...our spies, Maurice?"
"I have two news, my Lord" "i'm listening" "one: we don't have foreign agents in our country" "seems good..and the second thing?" "two: we don't have our agents in foreign countries" maurice laughed but no one took the joke, Maula looked at him "you're an idiot Maurice, but you are loyal..so no death for you today...the state of Army?" general ul-Zaman replied "not very good..we have a total of 3 militia division, one per province to control the country..they are more like police than soldiers, but they are all we have" "mhmm..." Maula replied "we NEED more soldiers...without them we are doomed to be nothing in this area, when our industry will be ready i think we'll start train a few division of infantry, what do you think about this Akhir?" "i agree..but i suggest to introduce standing army instead of the volunteer one we have now, uh?" "yeah, you're surprising me Akhir..you're a sage man" Maula laughed
"the Navy and the Airforce?" admiral bin Muhammed said "we can only produce transports, but we're researching destroyers..." commander Ahmed continued "our industrial power is too low to build planes, my Lord"
"again this story of the industry! it hunts me! but our fellow John will do anything he can to expand and develop our industrial power..."
Maula then stated "the meeting is ended my friend, we'll see the next month, John if i hear another time the word 'industry' followed by the word 'not' i kill you" "i'll do the impossible for you Maula" said John, Maula continued "Maurice, you'll begin to train agents; Charles i think we must be more hawk in our views,uh?" "yeah, you're always right my Lord!" replied Charles "and, last but not least, Akhir i think you were right, let's introduce conscription" "it will be done" said the general

After the ministers left, Maula thought "they are people of rare incompetence, but the worst is that they're all here toghether! why i always recruit idiots?" the last words were spoken..
"because they are loyal to you my dear Maula" said a guy appearing from behind a curtain
"Montag! where do you come from? you were about to gave me an heart strike!"
montag smiled "i think you can introduce me to your ministers in the next meeting, i feel better when sit, you know" he sat and lighted a cigarette, Maula replied "i think so" the man now know as Montag took a bottle from a shelf, opened it and filled two glasses, giving one to Maula "at Sarawak!" he shouted, then Maula replied "at Sarawak!" and drank...Montag left the empty glass on the table and left Maula, this time really, alone... "he's mad, but he'll serve me right" Maula laughed while leaving the room

'standing army' reform:

'hawk lobby' reform:

Montag went down the stairs and in the hall a man stopped him "there's a mail for you sir" he was not expecting anything... "okay man, give me! au revoir" "good evening sir"

When he reached his home he opened the letter, and when he looked at the sender's name in the signature he understood..he decoded the letter and destroyed it immediately after...
There won't be a night of good sleeping for the Guy named Montag
But why did you send Brooke, the White Raja away? He would be perfect for the role of mad dictator.

Maula Bakhash is the ONLY liberator of sarawak (and soon, i hope, of the entire indonesia), glory to him!!! XD
(but maybe the good Brooke will return..i'm creating a series of events for the later game)

Will you drift towards the Axis? The Japanese? Or will you forge your own path in the world?

Sarawakian first objective is dutch indonesia, if i ally with japan before i can wage a serious war, they will surely occupy all before i can even reach jakarta; so the japs are not in at the moment, maybe later XD
the axis might be a good choice, they can smash the dutch from land and don't interfere in the pacific, in the next months i'll see if i ally them or not (i fear a world war i cannot sustain)

Also where did you get those events? Is that standard ARMA or did you make them?

the first event is standard ARMA, the second is mine, but heavy influenced by standard ARMA south american coup event

thanks guys for your interest, i'll go to complete another month or two...hoping i reach a decent level of IC without modding...:rofl:

stay tuned
This looks quite decent for a first AAR.

Also about the building IC, it is a bad choice imo, as you are a minor and full IC takeover is on, going on early conquests is a much better investment.

*points to red link in his sig*

This is good, will follow it for sure.
first steps

it was the 9 o'clock in the morning of 25th of january, a very rainy day..
the telephone rang...it was too early for Maula, who was still in bed but he answered "yes?" "hi Maula" it was the foreign minister "i'm sorry i woke you up but i have very good news" "i hope they are good enough for this hour in the morning" "they are, i have had a meeting with german and japanese diplomats..they have recognized us! And have asked to estabilish an embassy here..I think something is moving on the international scene..something that is good for us, it seems" "well done pal, you're not idiot sometimes, maybe i'll call for a meeting in the afternoon. continue on this line, germans and japanese want to change the status quo maybe we can close ties with them" "another thing, i'll send few diplomats to open an embassy in tokio and another in berlin if you agree" "perfect, do it, and now let me sleep in peace dear" and Maula closed the communication, but the telephone would not remain silent for much, one hour later it rang again "yes?" "there's John, i've spoken with Charlie about our new foreign friends...And i've concluded two economic deals with Berlin and Tokio" Maula tought that his ministers, after the meeting had not remained inactive and that was a good thing.. "they consisted in?" he asked "supplies and oil for metal and energy, i think that will help our industry greatly...now i think we can start producing what we need" "i understand, you've done a good work my dear John. I'll send convocation for a meeting this afternon, see you later" "roger chief" at last Maula thought he could sleep for another two or more hours..

at 16 it was still raining, the ministers arrived in the conference room and the 2nd meeting took place.
"Guys, our friends Charles and John have made a very good work in this days..i'll leave to them the pride to explain" said Maula
Charles replied "thanks Maula, this morning i recieved the visit of mr. von Ondine, a german diplomat and of mr. Yamashita a japanese one. They have asked me to estabilish an embassy in our capital Kuching. I let them do so and sent some diplomats in Berlin and Tokio" "well!" said Maurice, Charles continued "the name of Sarawak will shine from today on!" "good work Charles, now John explain your work" "well," began John "i've started economic deals with Germany and Japan, and now our industry can produce!" "hooray!" all minister shouted, akhir then said "we need infantry, i think we can disband our militias and begin to produce an army, uh Maula?" "yes, i'ts exactly what i thought of..let's train 3 division of infantry, the most modern one of course! So, guys?" "my lord" started Maurice "i've just expanded our spy network in Sarawak, and soon in foreign countries!" Maula replied "you'll coordinate your efforts with Charles, Maurice, these new embassies might interest you, uhu?" "yeah, Maula..they are good starting points! but i think our view of society must change to a more close one" "why?" asked the minister of national security "i think that with a more closed society our people won't feel good, maybe this will lead to a raise of dissent..and that is not good" "daniel, it's true what you said, but if we strongly focus on law and order, we can close our society without much of these risks, don't you think?" replied Hashim "and you Maula, what do you think about?" Maula stated "you're the best element in this cabinet Hashim, i agree with you and so does daniel..we'll change towards a more closed society for now on, but our people must feel safe and protected, clearly, but it's daniel work to do so" "i will" said Daniel "it's not in my charachter but i surely will do it for the sake of the nation" "good," stated Maula "if there aren't news, we can close this meeting and see us in march" no one had news "goodbye guys!" the ministers exited and Maula was left alone, he immediatly looked behind the curtain, but there was no one. He felt better, exited the room and went home.


production screen

closed society reforms

spies sent to Sarawak

On the international stage february and march of 1936 were not so full of events but some of them will prove to be very important for Sarawak..

February 2, 1936: Sarawak successfully established embassies in Tokio and Berlin
February 17, 1936: in Republican Spain Popular Front was elected in General Elections.
February 26, 1936: Japan crushed a coup, later called the 2-26 Incident.

March 4, 1936: Japan and Germany concluded another economic deal with Sarawak
March 7, 1936: Germany re-occupated the Rhineland, while France and United Kingdom prepared for war
March 15, 1936: Sarawak successfully established embassies in London, Amsterdam, Canberra and Washington.
March 18, 1936: Communist China accepted a Status Quo peace with Nationalist China
March 22, 1936: Sarawak had two spies protecting their country
March 25, 1936: 3rd Meeting of Sarawakian Cabinet

General ul-Zaman entered the room shouting "1st Sarawakian Infantry Division was assigned to I Sarawakian Corps and Mj.Gen. McTaggerty took the command..Hooray for the Sarawakian army!"


"Hooray" shouted his fellows ministers
"good work Akhir, and, of course thanks to our minister of industry who made possible this thing" said Maula "now Akhir sit down, so we can start the meeting, Charles, there are any news?"
"yes, my lord, i've established embassies in Berlin, Tokio, London, Amsterdam, Canberra and Washington..Germans and Japanese are day after day closer to us..or better, day after day we are closer to them, after all they are great powers, we aren't"
"we'll become!" said Maula "dear Charles" he laughed "we must take our time, keep doing this work and you'll be surprised how less time we have to wait, nowadays international stage is good for us, full of opportunities, you'll see.."
and with this words in the air he left the room
"what was he meaning?" asked the Chief of Navy, Anwar bin Muhammed
"i don't know, but reading the newspapers, there it seems that something is moving, Germany have re-occupated the Rhineland" said Abdullah Ahmed, the Chief of Air Force "and France and the UK are not very happy, this broke the treaty of versailles, you know" "yes" replied Hashim "i'm not happy too.. i don't trust Hitler, i fear he will throw the world into the abyss of war, again" "he's not a dove, we're okay, but no one want another world," stated Charles "he's only rectifing that absurd treaty, mr. von Ondine assured me and i trust him" "von Ondine? who is him?" asked said Abdullah "the german diplomat at the head of their embassy" stated Maurice "he's a trustful man" "oh yes, he is" continued Charles "hitler won't start a war, i'm sure" "and what about the japanese?" said Anwar "you trust them too?" "not so much, they're too close, geographically, to us...i fear they want to put their hands on indonesia, japan is not so resource rich as indonesia is" replied Charles "but also they hold Korea, Manuchuria and some chinese territory..in my list of trusted they're after the Germans, whose friendship i think is vital for us" "mhmm" murmured Hashim "i fear we'll have to wait until Maula will explain us what comes to his mind" all ministers agreed, and slowly left the room.

"they don't trust me as much as i wanted" stated, one hour later, Maula to his enigmatic Chief of Staff, Montag "i trust you, my friend, and if i trust too the words that you spoke about the meeting they had after i left, i think the seed of doubt is growing in their minds..i cannot let it happen! we must do something, YOU must do something!"
"oh, i'm doing something" stated Montag lightning a cigarette "i'm smoking at the moment" he laughed "seriously Maula, the occupation of the rhineland is only the beginning, but i feel the British and the French won't go to war, the great war was only few years ago..no, no..we can stay sure, nothing will happen"
"you are sure?" said Maula "mhm..Hashim is not so sure, he fought in the great war for the british, you know, i feel in doubt, he is very sage, and rarely he fails"
"this time he do, i'll put some pressure on him, on all ministers if you want" Montag took his glass and drank "in the next meeting they will approve for sure our alliance with the germans" he finished his cigarette and throw it in the ashtray "now i've got something to do now, dear Maula, goodbye" then he exited.

He went to an house at about 22 o'clock, it was dark, and entered..no one noticed he wasn't at home working, he was sure...he knocked at the door and a man opened "you're a bit late, mr. Smith" said the man "you received my letter?" "i did, but i didn't know you were here dear Johnny, i thought you were in Singapore at the moment" said mr. Smith, then johnny replied "but i'm here with much work to do...a glass of whiskey Roger?" "yes, please" the two men sat and started to drank "so Johnny, tell me" "i'm here because my government wanted it to be. We have a mission don't you know?" "i've always had a mission, for so many different flags" "yeah, but this time is different, you're in the highest position possible for a spy" "i know, so what are the plans?" "you are the chief of the operation, you should know the plans!!" johnny laughed, and roger replied "you are my link to the government, johnny, i know the plans and i'm working to achieve something right tomorrow, but any change? news?" "ahn, yeah, the minister of intelligence told me that we have less time than before, so be fast dear roger" "i will..i told you, tomorrow we'll achieve the first results, in august, i hope, this mission will finish" "and we're ready for another one, but i don't like this country, too wet, they must send me to a sunny island next time" Roger Smith laughed and said "you're bound here as i am, and now i must go, it's late, bye bye Johnny" "aufwiedersehen herr Smith" johnny laughed and closed the door..
Alright!! The Dayak & Ibans headhunters are fearless and should be recruited to make good soldiers! Claim Borneo and the rest of SE Asia!! Looks like your main problem gonna be manpower! It is not alright to conscript the orang utans to fight for sarawak! Maybe if KingKong lives in the misty rainforest, that will help. :D
This looks quite decent for a first AAR.
Also about the building IC, it is a bad choice imo, as you are a minor and full IC takeover is on, going on early conquests is a much better investment.
i know, in fact i modded in some free IC in order to produce some infantry and transports..when i'll own indonesia i'll drop those free IC..
This is good, will follow it for sure.
thanks a lot!
Alright!! The Dayak & Ibans headhunters are fearless and should be recruited to make good soldiers! Claim Borneo and the rest of SE Asia!! Looks like your main problem gonna be manpower! It is not alright to conscript the orang utans to fight for sarawak! Maybe if KingKong lives in the misty rainforest, that will help. :D
i hope that event 1003 will trigger, sooner or later (sooner will be better XD)
april - july

April 22, 1936: Japan and Germany concluded an economic deal with Sarawak

May 1, 1936: Germany concluded an economic deal with Sarawak"
May 12, 1936: Costa Rica elected Right in Election
May 17, 1936: 2nd Sarawakian Infantry Division was assigned to II Sarawakian Corps, Mj.Gen. Osbourne took the command

May 27, 1936: Sarawak has successfully sent a spy to United Kingdom

May 29, 1936: Sarawak has successfully sent a spy to Netherlands

June 2, 1936: Nationalist China protested diplomatically at Japanese, because they are reinforcing North China Army
June 2, 1936: Guangxi is on the Verge of launching Civil War
June 8, 1936: Sarawakian Shipyards has developed 'Great War Destroyer'.

June 11, 1936: France elected Left in Election
June 12, 1936: Czechoslovakia elected Left in Election
June 18, 1936: Sarawak has successfully sent a spy to United Kingdom
June 20, 1936: Sweden had The Summer Government
June 23, 1936: Japan had A right-wing coup d'état

July 9, 1936: 3rd Sarawakian Infantry Division was assigned to III Sarawakian Corps, Lt.Gen. Wellesley took command

July 17, 1936: Republican Spain had Spanish Civil War
July 20, 1936: France went with Why support anarchist rabble?
July 21, 1936: Italy went with Send materiel and volunteers in Spanish Civil War
July 21, 1936: Nationalist Spain had Italian Intervention
July 22, 1936: Soviet Union went with Send materiel and volunteers in Spanish Civil War
July 22, 1936: Republican Spain had Soviet Intervention
July 23, 1936: Germany went with Send materiel and volunteers in Spanish Civil War
July 23, 1936: Nationalist Spain had German Intervention
July 24, 1936: United Kingdom went with Why support anarchist rabble?
July 25, 1936: Sarawakian Shipyards has developed 'Great War Destroyer'.
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July 25, 1936

Maula Bakhash was in his office, preparing himself for the trip he'll do within hours, when the minister of Industry, John Barrington, entered
"great news" he said "we have developed destroyers, now i think we must study agrichemistry, to improve our agriculture, what do you think?"
"ok, John, start the project"


First trip of Maula Bakhash to Berlin

Maula finally decided the departed, relations between Sarawak and Germany were quite good, he decided to go to Berlin to talk to Hilter or von Neurath in person, he didn't trust to leave C.J. Piper alone in things like this. With him on the boat that left on 25th of July, there were the chief of the army, the head of intelligence, the chief of staff (that no-one of other the ministers knew nothing) and finally the foreign minister.

"Here we go to Berlin, i hope there will be sun in that city!" Maula laughed, Charles said "Maula, what we are going to do here?" "bilateral talkings about our commerce" "but" replied Charles "why the chief of army and the head of intelligence? this doesn't make sense to me, Maula..Please explain!" "not at this moment, we'll talk once arrived"

When Maula saw the german coast, he arranged a meeting with the other ministers
"now i will explain to you what it's in my mind" "finally it happens!" cried the foreign minister "shut up Charles! we are here to seek an alliance with Germany" Charles, Maurice and Akhir looked at him "what?" they asked, Maula replied "what i told you. an alliance with Germany! They are our only possible partner, an their military might will surely help us, sounds good to you my friends?" "are you sure Maula? we have few chances to achieve this alliance...i fear they will laugh at us!" stated Akhir "are you sure? Hashim stated that they will surely thorw us in a new, terrible war.." said Maurice "Hashim is an old, sage person, but he fought the great war, he has seen what it happened and of course have fear. But this time there will be no war, the world had enough wars for this century. the British and the French surely won't start a war only because Germany claims what is rightfully theirs, guys you have to trust me, i know what i'm saying and be sure that Germany won't go to war. Maybe us, not them" he laughed "maybe us?" said Akhir "what are you saying?" "if this alliance will born, we will press our claim on the dutch borneo, maybe on the entire indonesia. Akhir, when we'll back home call Abdullah and Anwar and start to create a plan" replied Maula "Maula, you have to appoint a chief of staff for this operation, uh?" "i have a chief of staff ready to come into office, but i'll tell you who he is when we'll return home. other serious questions on our alliance proposals?" no one replied and Maula felt satisfied
Charles, Maurice and Akhir were doubtful, but they hoped their Head of State knew what he was going to do

It was the 22nd of August, and finally the Sarawakian-German meeting took place, after all the celebrations for the State visit of the Sarawakian Head of State and after many talkings between the diplomatical staffs of the two countries.
There were six persons in the room: Constantin von Neurath, Rudolf Hess and Wilhelm Canaris for the german side; Maula Bakhash, Charles John Piper, and Maurice Hankey for the sarawakian one.
Maula started to talk, breaking the silence "I thank you, mr. von Neurath, to have accepted this meeting, I think this it's a great moment for our nations"
von Neurath looked at him "my pleasure too, mr. Bakhash"
"our economic deals are proceeding very well, they are useful to both of us" said Maula "and i think we must einforce our great German-Sarawakian friendship, linking our interest in an alliance, uh?"
Maula said it, he knew that he was never been a good diplomat and his chances were about 24%..but he decided to risk

august - december

18.00 August 22, 1936

von Neurath looked at Maula, and smiled
"you're not a very skilled diplomat, ah? but a new era is rising, Herr Bakhash, and Germany feels that Sarawak will be a good partner. of course the terms of this treaty of alliance are to be discussed, but let our skilled diplomats do their work"
All the present were quite satisfied for the agreement, Maula Bakhash in primis.

In the following days the treaty of alliance was discussed between the diplomats of the two countries, and few days later, a meeting between Hitler and Bakhash was arranged to sign the treaty, and to tell the world that Germany was no more alone against the world.
This was a full pact, both offensive and defensive, with economic duties too for each partner to the other. First steps in this direction were made with a 'blueprint' deal


When the Sarawakian delegation returned home, Maula issued a meeting to inform the other ministers about the alliance, and to plan a great speech for the population.

It was another rainy day in Kuching, it was quite cold too, but the room where Hashim Madani, John Barrington, Daniel Grainger, Anwar bin Muhammed and Abdullah Ahmed sat was warm, there were bottles of champagne and flutes on a table in a corner of the room, all was ready for a great moment, but the minister knew nothing about it.
Maula Bakhash, C.J. Piper, Maurice Hankey, Akhir ul-Zaman and a unknown guy entered and sat.
"This is a great day in our history, my friends" started Maula "because we're allied with the great germany!" the minister who had not knew looked confusely at him, but he pointed at the bottles, smiling "we need some of that! you" he called a servant "bring to all the champagne, we must enjoy this moment!" the servant did his job and disappeard
"to the great German-Sarawakian alliance!" he shuoted and drank, the others did the same, but with less enthusiasm, but someone among them was quite disappointed..it was Hashim, the head of government
"Maula, why?" he said "Hitler is a monster, he will surely destroy us! another war is coming!"
"my dear Hashim" replied Maula "your fears are not true, i've had a meeting with him and spoke with him, he's not a dove, we all know this, but a war is out of discussion as i explained to you last month"
"i hope you're right, Maula" stated Hashim "i am, for sure. Germany was the only possible option for a Greater Sarawak, from now on we can begin to think to press our claims over the Dutch" he pointed at the unknown guy "this is Montag, the new chief of staff, he will coordinate our efforts in that direction together with Charles, John and Maurice. hopefully he will work well too with Akhir, Anwar and Abdullah in order to do the plans we need in case of war" "war?!?" cried Hashim "you have just assured us that will be no war!" "war with the dutch is an option, it's not certain, but in case i'm sure no one will intervene and, with good plans, we surely crush those evil Dutch, John what's the industrial situation?" "very good" replied the minister "well done John, now we must begin to recruit some more troops, the world will see Sarawak's might!"

A few hours later the man called Johnny received a letter "first part - done. R.S." it was written, he smiled and sent to his government the great new.

While he was doing his work as spy, in another place a meeting was held
"well guys, i'm the chief of staff and, as mr. Bakhash said, we must concentrate our efforts to create out of Sarawak a great war machine, mr. Barrington what we are researching at the moment? and when it will end?" "agrichemistry. our studies are proceeding well, i hope in the first half of october we have it developed" "this pleases me" said Montag "your next task will be submarines, i have an idea how to increase our industry's input" he laughed "mr. Hankey, what's the situation on the dutch front?" "the have 2 infantry divisions deployed in Jakarta and one in Bangka Island, there are also few transports and a light cruiser in our area. I think the equipment of their colonial troops is outdated, but they have a navy stronger than ours" replied Maurice "mhm..the land part sounds good, on the naval side we need some destroyers to counter their fleets in the area, mr. Barrington, see what you can do about. meeting is ended, gentlemen"

October 12, 1936: Industrial Design Bureau has developed 'Agrichemistry'
October 12, 1936: Sarawakian Shipyards has start to develop 'Dive Boat'

October 22, 1936: Bolivia had A democratic coup d'état happened to us
October 22, 1936: Cuba had A right-wing coup d'état happened to us
October 22, 1936: Nicaragua had A militarist coup d'état happened to us
October 22, 1936: Paraguay had Long live the Revolution!

November 4, 1936: Alf M. Landon (Rep.) was elected in USA

on the same day Montag met the three chiefs of Sarawakian Armed Forces
"gentlemen, we are here to discuss about the state of our armed forces, so i want to hear what's the situation at the moment, airforce?" asked montag
"we have none, but i send some men in Germany to start training" replied Abdullah Ahmed
"well, mr. Ahmed, you're a wise man. Army?"
"we have 3 infantry divisions spread around our country" said Akhir ul-Zaman
"i want at least 3 militia divisions more, as soon as possible, tell mr. Barrington about that, navy?"
"we have a small number of torpedo boats and five transports, that's all" replied Anwar bin Muhammed
"uhm..you soon will have destroyers too, but tell me more about our torpedo boats" said Montag
"here's a picture"

"i like them..how much of these units we have?" "about 20, why?" "because we need them, because we don't have submarines at the moment," montag laughed "to increase our industry's input" montag laughed again "what? i don't understand" asked Anwar "okay, admiral bin Muhammed, i need them do do some piracy in the borneo!"

November 30, 1936 : Germany concluded a diplomatic deal with Sarawak

December 11, 1936 : United Kingdom went with Yes in The Abdication of Edward VIII."

December 15, 1936

The telephone rang, Montag answered "yes?" "this is John, mr. Montag, i'm proud to announce that we have developed our first class of submarines" "good job, man, now tell our military academy to think about that Spearhead Doctrine the germans told us about, and inform general ul-Zaman too" "it will be done, mr. Montag" "good" Montag closed the communication

then he called Maula; "hey Maula, it's Montag here" "tell me" replied the Head of State "we developed submarines, now we have another weapon to raid" he laughed "this is a business, my dear Maula, a great one!" "i know, this was a brilliant idea, but i fear about the international implications..." said Maula "Charles told me some dutch and british scout boat have noticed our raidings, but Maurice told me that they haven't recognized Sarawak behind that, but they suspect us" "damn" cried Montag "but this is part of the game, they can suspect what they want. we need those resources, Maula, and piracy is the cheapest way" replied Montag "i know, well..i told Charles to assure the British and the Dutch that we are not implied in this business." said Maula "and Maurice will report if they discover something that go in our direction" "you're wise, my dear Maula, now i must go, i'll call you when i'll have more news, bye" "bye, montag"

Sarawakian foreign relations at the end of december 1936
love the piracy part to gain materials!