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Mar 1, 2005
Russian Cities Set (no posting)

This set only changes cities icons on the map. City viewes remain the same.

Uses specific RUS_CITY_palette.bmp file as palette.

Best suits for Russia and all russians minors:
Kiev (KIE) *
Ukraine (UKR)
Minsk (MSK) *
Muscovy (MOS)
Novgorod (NVG)
Pskov (PSK)
Russia (RUS)
Ryazan (RYA)
Smolensk (SMO) *
Suzdal (SUZ) *
Tver (TVE)
Volhynia (VOL) *

(*) not in AGCEEP

Tags are of 28th August 2005.


Unzip into your main EUII folder. This won't overwrite anything.

In each country.csv (original EUII and/or mods), set the country to RUS tag for citynationality.

For Russia for instance you would change:


Warning: only MIN and MUS tags seem allowed to have specific sprites for colonies... All others use Lvl 1 city without fortifications instead. :(


Discussion Thread here


  • RUSCitiesv10.zip
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