Runemaster previews - Gamescom 2014

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Hey everyone!

You might already have found the Runemaster previews that has surfaced from Gamescom, but here is a small summary!
Any questions, just bring it on and we'll do our best to answer :)


Runemaster previews - GAMESCOM 2014:

TWITCH STREAMS with Regina & Solsara:
13th of August Livestream: (Starts at 01:29:20)
14th of August Livestream: (Starts at 01:42:20)

Hooked Gamers preview: Runemaster Gamescom 2014: Perfect blend between RPG, adventure and strategy
“Runemaster has only just reached alpha stage, which means that very little of what we saw is set in stone. What is there, though, is looking pretty exciting already. The procedural quest generation system - in my eyes the star of the game - looks firm, especially when you consider the incredible attention to script writing. Paradox Development Studio seems to be making all the right choices for creating the perfect blend between RPG, adventure and strategy game and I can’t wait to see more of it.”

GameSpot Game demo (Video): Can You Smell What the Ragnarok is Cookin'?
“We caught up with Paradox Development Studio at Gamescom 2014 to see their new Norse mythology turn-based RPG game Runemaster.”

GameInformer preview: Runemaster: Procedurally Generated Tactical Fantasy
"The adventure appears to let you quest and explore with a high degree of freedom, with different points being acquired for every decision you make. Decide to stand firm against a band of ruffians? You might get some bravery experience. You’ll be making choices like that regularly, so your own personality and choices will eventually be reflected in in your character’s skills and abilities.”

Gamegrin preview:
"From what we’ve seen so far, the Paradox dev team are on track to make Runemaster an experiment worthy of their valuable time. Amongst all the new games and DLCs, it’s amazing that the team are able to provide consistently excellent videogames. This may be a diversion from their normal work, but if anything it’s an exciting new direction rather than a needless distraction from grand strategy." Runemaster preview
“I was dropped into a 3D isometric perspective world, reminiscent of Titan Quest or Diablo. Much like the Blizzard game, the world is procedurally generated and whilst the quests objectives are fixed, the locations of them are much more flexible. Even which quests you are on is not set in stone, either. I was given a number of examples over how these systems work as the quest system also has an element of randomness to it. Whilst the overall story progresses along a set path, many of the optional quests have an element of chance as to whether they appear. In the build I saw, the character decided to take on a large spider; I managed to slay the beast, but in the full game this has the potential to trigger new quests. In one incarnation, animals would begin to eat from the carcass of the creature, mutating them and letting them loose on the nearby towns. Letting the spider live may lead down a completely different path, and in other games slaying the spider has no consequence at all.”

RPG Codex: Runemaster preview
“What I liked about Runemaster was the inclusion of an “allegiance meter”, a way of depicting where you stand on the matter of Ragnarok, whether you are closer to Thor and order or Loki and chaos. Supposedly, every quest and decision made in the game will influence this meter, with some real and tangible instances of choice and consequence, and quests where the outcomes aren’t always obvious. Some decisions will have very predictable effects, but others that might look predictable will end up completely ass-backwards. Couple that with proper (non-voiced) dialogue trees, and the fact that the player will also have different reputations with every race in the game, and Runemaster’s narrative layer looks like it could actually turn out very cool.”

Strategy Informer preview
"...what I saw of Runemaster was certainly promising. Its dual-fate, good-vs-evil storyline might not be the most original concept in the world, but the attempt at procedural generation within its world and questlines are what really intrigue. The resulting cocktail of RPG and strategy elements will be difficult to balance, but the potential is there for something just a little different. That alone makes it worth watching."


“…Runemaster has a number of ‘Paradox-isms’ that really set it apart from other RPGs. Each game is procedurally generated, so no two stories will be alike. Sure, every game will be funnelling the plot towards the same eventual conflict of Ragnarok, but your path along the way will be different every time you play. It was hard to grasp this from the short demo, but as you complete quests, your character gains traits that they become known for, which will in turn shape your future. Come across as a greedy mercenary? Then you’re more likely to find quests that will pay you well. Come across as a pious hero? Then you’ll get more people asking you for help saving their family and friends.”

Playitlive preview: GC 2014 : Runemaster en preview, nos premières impressions (French preview)
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