Ruler Designer - Chose your Inheritance Law at game start

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May 21, 2016
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So there is a lot of complaining going on about how Confederate Partition is often unfair to the Primary Heir, and many players would like to be able to chose which heir would inherit what titles upon death, even within the constraints of what Confederate Partition finds acceptable.

The issues I have with this suggestion are in regard to game balance :
- game balance : in order for the playing field to be somewhat even between the Player and the AI, the Player should abide by the same inheritance logic as the AI, and if he can optimize this crucial part of the game, especially at the earliest start game, it will throw the game off balance
- game design : having the player have a low level of direct control over their Primary Heir's inheritance is integral to the gameplay loop, which encourages them to use various game mechanics in order to steer the Partition to a state that they're happy with, and plan ahead to be able to change Inheritance Law as soon as they can. If they succeed, their Primary Heir will have an easier time than if they don't, but by default, under Confederate Parition, the Primary Heir will be weaker than their predecessor by design, making offsetting this a main objective.

Still it cannot be denied that Confederate Partition hinders the enjoyment of many. And although those players could of course play a later start date, it's a shame they'd miss out on the content of earliest start dates.

So I would suggest to make it possible to chose the Inheritance Law of the starting character's primary title in the Ruler Designer, at a hefty cost so this voids any and all Achievements for this game.

With this option available, players could start the game with Primogeniture as a Norse Asatru if they so wish, which enables upon inheritance to hand out the heir's title however they like, making it possible (amongst others) to roleplay a version of Confederate Partition where the Primary Heir always keeps all titles associated De Jure to the Primary Title, and distribute remaining titles between the other sons.

I feel this would serve a dual purpose :
- giving the option to more players to enjoy the game to its fullest potential
- acknowledging, by voiding achievement hunting on games using this feature, that the game is not balanced for this particular game setting, and that it would make the game quite easier

Shoutout to all who participated to this thread and this thread on the subject.
If that suggestion finds any pull, it will have been a collective effort =)