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Nov 8, 2009
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Starting countries played by humans (it will change along the way)

UK (CptEasy)
France (Gamla Stan (new player))
Soviet Union (Maxyboy)
Germany (Zid)
Italy (Daphne)
Japan (Sir Henry)

Version: Semper Fi v2.04f

Staring Year: September 1938

Due to many things, but mainly due to me becoming a father, I will not make this AAR as detailed as the previous in the “carnage-series”. I will have lesser screenshots but will aim to use the most describing and important ones, followed with describing texts. I will also use an overview map-mode with numbers and bullets for each active front so you can follow the changes. I will also not write special threads, following certain individuals. It takes a lot of time and I have gotten the feeling you are mostly interested in the tactics anyway. Still, as we have refined the House Rules even further (read below) I think and hope this can be the most spectacular game/AAR of mine so far. So sign up and join in!



Operation Trebuchet
Chapter I, Part I (Sept 38 - May 39)
Chapter II, Part II (Late May - June 39)

The War-Mashine is turning westwards
Chapter III, Part I (July 39)
Chapter IV, Part II (August 39)

The War on France
Chapter V, Part I (September 39)
Chapter VI, Part II (Oktober 39)
Chapter VII, Part III (November 39)
Chapter VIII, Part IV (December 39 - Mid February 40)
Chapter IX, Part V (Second Half of February 40)
Chapter X, Part VI (March - April 40)
Chapter XI, Part VII (May - mid June 40)

Yet Another War in Europe
Chapter XII, Part I (Mid June - July 40)

Operation Tito
Chapter XIII, Part 1 (August 40)

House Rules

~ Purple color – Changed rule
~Yellow color – New rule

As faithful readers already know, we’ve had huge discussions of House Rules along the way of these AARs. Many of your comments have affected these house rules and we thank you all for thoughts and advices. In a dream-world, we would rather modd than use House Rules, but we either lack knowledge or time (depending who of us we’re talking about ;) for this. Feel free to comment.

• Axis players can play all Axis countries. Allied/Commie players can play all Allied/Commie countries and Nat China. Allied/Commie players are allowed to play CAN even if it’s not allied. Allied/Commie players are allowed to play USA in 1941 (if other house rules have not activated this already).

• Game starts Sept -38 on speed 3 until 1939. Then on speed 2 until “Danzig or war” when we go to speed 1. Alternatively, GER player can lower to speed 1 after May 1st, 1939. No pausing is allowed except for technical or rl-problems.

• Players must declare wars themselves. “Call to arms” only to AI.

• Poland must oppose “Danzig or War”.

• No unholy alliance

• Mol-Rib pact is voluntary

• USSR has special trade rules until 1941 (or war with any other major). They must accept all Axis deals if the deal doesn’t put USSR on a negative balance for that commodity. Axis-nations are bound by honor to not suggest deals that are “impossible or unlikely” to be accepted.

• Japan and Italy can only declare limited war on USSR. GER must declare war by themselves but may declare a “full” war.

• USSR must go “Bitter Peace” if Stalingrad, Leningrad, Moscow and Vladivostok falls.

• If USSR has the highest threat towards US, they are not allowed to DOW neutrals. This restriction is cancelled after Barbarossa or 1 July 1941.

• Axis has fleet restrictions until US joins. Japan and GER/ITA can only rebase to each other’s spheres of interest if they can reach it with a “transport” order.

• All player countries may send 2 divisions of expeditionary forces to a country within the same faction.

* Japan may not send any forces to the west before Barbarossa or July 1941. The opposite goes for European Axis.

* Japan must break all their trade deals with USA when they DoW Allies (and not offer/accept new one if US is AI run).

* Allies may put a player on USA when Japan DoWs Allies (or when USA are accepted into Allies due to Axis threat (not due to Commie threat)).

• USA may not move troops, navy or planes in the pacific until they join Allies. This does not include their mainland west coast.

• USA may not place troops in Allied provinces before they become Allies. They may not in any way lend or give troops to the Allies before they enter the war.

• Allies may not “allow dept” to other human played Allies – but to AI run minors is ok. USA may always “allow dept” to whom ever. Axis may “allow dept” to whom ever.

• The players are “bound by honor” to never stall a war (in order to stay on war economy etc.)

• Nations can build 4 para-brigades per 100 base ICs

• Players are only allowed to build +5 of any fort in any province

• Minors are allowed to “license build”. Majors can only have 12 IC of “license build” active at any time. They are however, always entitled 1 unit being lb at any time, regardless of the cost (meaning that it’s ok to build 1 bomber even if it costs more than 12 IC. 1 brigade, however, is considered 1 unit).

• Players are not allowed to build units as reserves.

• Convoys must be on for periods of time as the game allows a newly opened convoy to immediately retrieve everything that’s been piling up (Bug!). Players are “bound by honor” to not blip them on and off. A newly started resource convoy must be on for at least 3 weeks before it can be turned off (but if all convoys are sunk before that they don’t need to add extra’s of course

• The game ends in the end of 1945. Victory points dictates winner.

Authors note: With the new house rules our main goal has been to restrict Japans almost endless and unrealistic flexibility. Much of the rest of the set up is quite well balanced, but Japan has always expanded in a quite unrealistic and uneven way. Hopefully this will now change – or at least it will be more expensive for Japan and Axis to go “business as usual”.
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Good luck to your and your child :)

Good call about lack of narrative elements. MP AARs are all about strategy IMO.

No Nationalist China player? Doesn't sound good...

Still, I'm eagerly waiting for your AAR!
Sounds exciting, I'll be watching eagerly!
Congrats! This should be a fun ride, and I'm glad I'm getting in on the ground floor, so to speak!
Thanks for the support guys. I look forwards to get this adventure going. Will post the first chapter quite soon.

No Nationalist China player? Doesn't sound good...

As we play on higher speed from Sept 38 to May 39, Japan is not able to play the war against China himself but has to use AI for the most part (but can of course use objectives). It is our hope that this will ballance in a similar way as having active players on both. The only time we tried having a player on China he got his ass seriously kicked anyway. I think we need to modd or House Rule against this to really make it challenging - like forbidding Japan to enter certain Chinese areas before certain dates or similar. Anyway, we have been quite hard against Japan, rule-wise, in this game so I hope it will be much more ballanced than previous.

Btw. is there a reason you don't play FTM? It does include some balances for MP like rebasing planes losing ORG and further paratrooper nerfs.

Yes there is a quite good reason. FTM wasn't released when this game started ;). As usual, I wait with the AAR until the actual game have progressed a bit as I don't want to give my enemies too much useful intel about my plans and build up in the game. I reckon next AAR will e FTM :).