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May 16, 2013
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Heh, yeah..
What was the title of the AAR again? I suppose someone else could become the dominant power but...
Hah! It seems like it. Pax Poeni anyone? (Hopefully google translate did that correctly)

Riveting update. Well, you were certainly right about things getting worse. All you need now is for Vesuvius to erupt early! Would it be better now for the Republic to just let Megellus have his way? The stability of -3, large debt and 0 manpower are each very bad by themselves - together? :eek:

And if Carthage fighting the rebels had meant Varus could win a quick and decisive victory, then ok; but with that difficult loss it of course means they will be the winners of this internal conflict.

Remind me: if the Rebels win, they take over? Are there any other penalties from a loss that would cause one to keep fighting in such circumstances? And is it any different under this mod compared to the base game?
That's the question right now. Theoretically I could disband my army and let Megellus walk in unopposed. Alternatively, I could switch to Megellus before loading up next so I have the double challenge of fighting the Carthaginians and the Republicans.

And to answer your question, I believe if the rebels win, they simply take over, though I may be a dictatorship for a while.

The Republican faction seems to have underestimated their foe quite badly, and is now (literally) paying the price. As bitter of a pill as it might be to swallow, it might be best for Rome as a whole if they were to work out some sort of deal with Megellus before the Carthaginian foothold on Italy becomes permanently entrenched.

(I forget -- does EU:Rome let you switch tags like the other games do?)
That deal might just have to be Megellus being dictator for life. :confused:

Yep Bullfilter is right here. I'll be able to tag switch to the rebels if necessary.

To be fair, the title doesn't say that Rome is the Hegemon.
At least I won't have to change the title if things continue to go this poorly. :eek:


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Jun 17, 2001
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Oich, that's unfortunate timing for the Republic. :eek: