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I fear it's going to be a disappointment again. I feel it's a fantasy game after all.
I won't mind if its fantasy. Sure I wanted antiquity but I'm flexiable guy and I grew up on fantasy so no problem for me there. I'm only slightly worried that between AoW4 (please let it be a successor to Overlord II instead...) I may get an overdose of fantasy.
Keep the faith dudes.
Would you rather have a full map of the old world, with only being able to play the Mediterranean nations, and not 3/4 pf the map until later DLCs, or would you rather have a smaller map that everything is playable at the start?
Justice has been restored.

Imperator: Rome

I'm seeing a fusion of EU, Victoria and CK elements.
Glory to Hellas!
You're welcome fellow Rome antiquity enthusiast
Such a happy day :)
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oh blessed priapus, my hype is real
From the pictures...doesn't it seem basically like EU: Rome? 4 pop types represented by numbers, trade routes with a few trade goods for every province, governors...I don't know why give it a different name when it seems basically like EU Rome II ideed.
Rejoice, its coming!
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