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Jul 10, 2012
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Took some work but I seemed to finally manage to track down the source of issues with the converter. Pesky temporary titles. Well regardless success means I can continue my Roman Empire game from CK2 into EU4. Yes my Roman Empire is massively overpowered and there isn't any threat in the world that can challenge me but hey, sometimes you just have to have fun with these things. So come and march with the legions as we bring the Roman Empire to just...everywhere.


Just a heads up I have had trouble with the converter before. I will play as long as I can of course but things sometimes stop being stable.

So of course we will be heading overseas when we can. Anyone have suggestions on perhaps some names for the lovely little colonial nations we shall make?

Ahh colonies in the Americas now. Things are going good.

Get your suggestions in for colonial nation ideas. Some have already been taken up and some I will come up with on my own but put in your suggestions now.

Money is actually very important in this game for expansion in colonial terms.

So along with direct conquest we will use vassals to annex more territory.

So how many new nations do you think the China region will have when we finally figure out what is going on there?

Why did they give them a colour so similar to my own? If there was no other reason to war in the east that would be enough.

I hunger for the days of Absolutism where I can really conquer things.

Sadly I don't think I will be able to stop all the colonisation efforts. Well at least it is smaller than it would be with the European normal powers in the game.

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Overextension also the thing that slows me down right now. Ahh well the Legions will forever march.

If only I could make roads. Fancy roads! So everywhere would connect to Rome like it should.

I need vassals with lots of cores I can war on other people to reclaim. I wonder if I can get the Dai as my goon? Hmmm.

I really should pay more attention to the nomads but I am going to be honest I probably will ignore them for a while. A long while. Ahh well they are nomads they aren't going anywhere. Wait.

More of the east continues to slowly come into view. Being unknown to Rome will only save you for so long.

I need to get Expansion as an idea group as well. So much colonising I want to do. Everyone needs to be more Roman!

I wonder if there should be some mechanic where people go and throw themselves at your feet. Wait, I am probably ignoring where the AI tries to build up opinion.

Orissa you will be a very useful tool. I will make you strong then I will make you part of the glorious Roman Empire.

China had a proper implosion. Well not a Mingsplosion but more a Daisplosion but still.