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How many Nanban does it take for Andre to win an award?

None, he killed them all beforehand :p
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<Insert Long and ramble acceptance speech here>

In all seriousness thank you for the Honour, this was pretty unexpected.
Thread open for nomination. First come, first serve.

I nominate Riccardo93 for the award. He has apparently won it before, but that's quite alright.
I’d like to thank the academy for handing me this award… I mean, thanks, Ab (more like, Abademy, amirite?). And thanks to everyone else who said reasonably nice things to me, as well. Well, enough of that nonsense. I thought long and hard for these past five minutes over who I thought deserved this, and in the end, I settled for the guy who keeps taxidermied slaves in his home as decoration, and thought it wise to assassinate the entire government. Thanks for the laughs, and the support, our crazy diamond, Michaelangelo. Seems like a good way to top off the year.
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