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Jul 14, 2009

I´ve got a bug using dark Horizon with the newest Patch (the 2. with font).

I always got the "incomming rocket bar" displayed with fixed distance. In case of real rockets it shows up real issues. Then, if there is no rocket left, the fixed issue comes back. (so its always on) The fixed number is changeing everytime i start the game. Otherwise its totally ...fixed at all. (no change by loading a game or what)

I have a lot of other bugs too, like:

-the game is totally black every TWO times I start it up. I have music, and it seems to, like the videos are played as well. (vids AND the menu is black)

- I am hanging in the missions cause the game breaks down every time I complete a mission, and its not yet mission 19. I´ve got the logs on another machine showing up the last thing happend was spawning 2 enemy ships in the mission with "kay?". Helping the engeneer setting up the signal.

the Machine:
Windows XP SP 3
quad 2,66 ghz
2 Gb Ram
Gforce 9xxx

Playing at:
1360 px widescreen
max settings

:) hope you hae a clou.


Nikolai II

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Your blank screen sounds a little like this: http://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/showthread.php?t=387694
But no solutions there

This thread has some suggestions that helped some

As for the missile.. it appears even if you start a completely new game? There have been missile distance errors before, which apparently appeared when you ended the previous scenario with a missile warning.

Else reinstall and repatch? I'm afraid the programmers and their company seem to have disappeared.. :(
Jul 14, 2009
So as i can play with every second try i dont care about it...i like that game.

With the missiles.... I even can plug out the energy wire ,restart my pc, get into the game ( after i tryed twice) and there are rockets incomming. :D . I forgot if its alike by not loading a saved game...

sometimes with a normal distance like 5 km ....sometimes some...stupid..huge numbers bigger then the universe could be....:wacko:

only want to get my missions played...