Road delivery is broken since "The Rock" and I'm angry

Road delivery is broken since "The Rock" and I'm angry

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Jun 4, 2020
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I have 3 (+1) sophisticated prisons, each of which I spent ~100h on.

Before the update, road deliveries worked just fine and the road gates at the top of the map were never blocked by stuck trucks. I took great care to balance deliveries, workers etc. to ensure that.

Now, what happens EVERY SINGLE TIME is that trucks pile up all the way to the top of the map.

If you don't know why that is REALLY REALLY BAD, here's a brief summary:

- Deliveries are delayed, potentially causing shortages of meals, workshop materials etc.
- Playing in escape mode becomes a chore, because your prisoner truck is stuck the f***ing queue for hours
- All road gates are open ALL THE TIME, so escaping gets more easy than it should be
- Now that building materials are road delivered too, it becomes a pain to build virtually anything.

Apparently, the developers forgot that there are existing prisons that get broken by messing with deliveries. Or, if you are very cynical, they broke road deliveries on purpose, so that you have to buy Island Bound and set up helicopters to do what worked just fine before the patch. GRRR

By the way, THERE IS NO WORKAROUND except for Mods. The size of a prison and the size of the map impose a bottleneck that you cannot get around. With the current state of the game LARGE PRISONS WITH WORKSHOPS HAVE BECOME UNSUSTAINABLE.

I'm not sure what exactly causes this sh**load of additional trucks, it looks like there's WAY MORE food deliveries than there used to be, but I'm tired of investigating game-breaking bugs brought in by the new devs. I've done that before, when custom sectors made my savegame unplayable back when Cleared for Transfer was released.

Enough is enough!


Jul 19, 2020
In bigger prisons the AI is basically helpless and overwhelmed in how to handle the task they are supposed to able to do. Right now, PA just cannot handle anything above 100 or 200 prisoners with an expanded map. I personally think that no one quality checked the game before they put out IB. Literally anyone who would have tested the game for a day and tried out anything would have seen the problems at hand easily.


May 29, 2020
Building materials no longer auto-spawning is a really, really bad idea. I have no idea why other people aren't up in arms over it. It makes constructing even a simple section of a wall a chore. I can't even imagine the truck pileup that would ensue if I were to embark on extensive revamps like I did in the past. The current devs need to realize that building materials auto-spawned for a reason: the original devs were smart enough to realize what a huge bottleneck it would be to have all of them manually delivered.

As for the other deliveries, they are still inefficient, which is a part of what causes long lines of trucks at my prison. That, and workmen do not efficiently load/unload trucks. I have several of them idle in my delivery area even as just a few of them move to-and-fro and work on loading and unloading. This game has been unplayable in one form or the other since 'Cleared for Transfer' released. It's shocking how poor each update has been, the devs couldn't have done a better job of completely destroying things.