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Imperial Minister
Mar 28, 2005
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Here I bring this hand-off picture story to as far I played it, (less than a year) to an end with a kicker from the next game where I play Italy, The last picture post.

I will wrap up showing varies aspects, which are common and world-wide occuring game after game to further delve into the in-game culture of Battle Mods.

Everything spins faster, techs, build times, recovery from DoW, life and death. Playing in full out war for 3 or 4 years is very intense and engaging. That being game time, 1930-1934. Risk Battle Mod can go to 1960 though generally impractical.

United Provinces of America fend off Confederate escorted transport.

US attack north into Canada only to be foiled by Canada Tac attack. Attack will fail and damage from air is decisive.

South African beachhead in Ethopia.

Germany begins to colapse under weight of three-front war

Philippines begin island hoping

China is a mess

Ottoman Empire handles three fronts

Saudi and Epyptian Air gang up on Ottoman ground forces before ground war

Germany hammers me (Italy) on my attack north at same time I hammer by air my target province. A two-way Tac air assault on ground forces engaged in battle.
Thus ends this series.