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Jul 17, 2012
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This is a chronicle of my first game of Crusader Kings: Deus Vult, not counting a few false starts where I was learning how the game worked. This is the story of the rise of the Ui Mordha dynasty, Kings of Ireland and Wales. It is a game in progress. I also failed to record the dates of major events, so it's more of an overview of the kingdom and the royal family.

Part I

The Duke of Meath

Diamait Ui Mordha Duke of Leinster had ruled over much of the southern half of Ireland. His sons Murchad and Enna were both rulers of their own provinces. Murchad was Count of Dublin, while Enna was Bishop of Osraige. Murchad dreamed of uniting Ireland like his hero, Brian had done. His plan was to move west, to Mide, and establish himself as Duke of Meath. As soon as the chance came up, Murchad invaded and conquered Mide. He developed a friendship with the Count of Tir Eoghain, as well as the O'Brien family of Dublin. Conchobar O'Brien was his chancellor, and his son Malachy was Murchad's trusted marshal.

Diarmait was old, and despite having recently married and raising several children with his new wife, he was willing to leave everything to his oldest son, Murchad. His death came right around the time Murchad became Duke of Meath. Now he inherited much of the southern island, and the title Duke of Leinster. His court was moved from Dublin to Lagain.

Murchad was raising a son, Donnchad Ui Mordha, who he had chosen to be trained in the army. Donnchad was best friends with another boy the same age, Donal O'Brien, son of Malachy. Donal studied diplomacy instead of war, although he was good with war, as well. Murchad's wife was a bitter woman who made his life miserable, and ensured he would not have any legitimate heirs. She died late in Murchad's life, allowing him to marry a French woman named Marie.

Tir Eoghain agreed to join Murchad's growing court, which made Murchad eager to claim the title of Duke of Ulster as well. He began eying the remaining northern counties and Sligo. He persuaded Ulaid to join him, by persuade I mean he sent his army to conquer the land. He proclaimed himself Duke of Ulster, hoping to pressure Tir Connail into joining him. This did not work.

With 7 counties under his command, Murchad was beginning to feel the pressure of rulership. He was not a great ruler of men, not exceptional in any field. So he began to give his most trusted allies titles. His chancellor, Conchobar O'Brien was given Mide, while his son Malachy was given The Isle of Man. Donnchad replaced Malachy was marshal, having become a legendary soldier, while Donal was named Chancellor, replacing his grandfather. Murchad, Donnchad, and Donal would ride together in battle many times, often with Malachy's support. Murchad's young wife, Marie, was named Steward, a job she kept well into her stepson's reign.

Murchad's constant warfare was damaging the economy of Ireland, before it even began. He began to use a different method of destroying his rivals...assassination. Seeing the weakness of the bloodline of Tir Connail, he killed the male heirs of the line so only the children could lead. This made the county weak and easily overtaken. He would oversee the conquest of Tir Connail and Sligo using these methods, making him hated within the church for his violence. His prestige became non-existent.

Murchad's final years were spent ensuring his son would have the power and prestige to rule. He knew he would never be king, but he made sure Donnchad would be. He prepared the invasion of Connacht, claiming Mayo before the end. His ruthless ways drew the wrath of his vassals, who turned against him. Malachy remained the only loyal member of the vassals. Conchobar lead an invasion of Murchad's home of Dublin.

Fearing the loss of everything he had built, Murchad, Donnchad, Donal, and Malachy rode into Dublin to defend the realm.