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Life goes on in the rest of the world, even with Anastasia's reappearance and the return of order and stability to Russia. Interesting to see that monarchism is on the rise elsewhere in the world, especially in France of all places...

Looks like Masha's star is continuing to rise :)

The last minute record switch has me wondering if perhaps Radio Moscow's "producers" are involved in something clandestine; prearranged radio signals are a common enough occurrence in spy work, or at least spy fiction. Maybe it's related to the coming apprehension of Stalin...
Yeah... sure, kid... it was all to send secret signals... that's it...

Actually, I just wrote that in there to reflect the often chaotic nature of news production. And yes, Masha is growing in popularity.

Moscow Masha reminds me of Hanoi Hannah or Baghdad Bob. Hopefully she remains the source of unbiased news and doesn't become a mouthpiece for propaganda!
That was basically like what I was going for. And don't forget Tokyo Rose and Berlin Betty.

Hoi4 currently really, really likes states getting unaligned and with old monarchies, even without mods, so France going monarchist would be quite the goodness thing to see.
Usually in my games the French AI sort of meanders around their focus trees, not really showing any specific focus, until the war starts and then they start looking more into the military side of things. That's why I was happy, for this game, they actually started going a different route.

A Franco–Russian monarchist alliance would be quite the thing to see.
I'm amused at the conversation that this birthed. But it's good to know my AAR is inspiring such things.

A France restoring the monarchy? How interesting indeed! And the Spanish continue to fight among themselves with little end in sight. I'm concerned at the amount of casualties the Chinese are taking in fighting the Japanese Empire and its allies tbh, hopefully they made the Japanese pay for every inch of land that was taken.
Not only the Spanish, but the Spanish-speaking as well, with Mexico having issues of their own. Finland, Spain, Mexico... that's three civil wars in this AAR so far.

All strategy aside, it seems even monarchist Russia’s news is full of production quotas, machine tools, tractors etc ;) Next we should get a story about some ‘hero workers’ and maybe a Five Year Plan to get the Rodina ready for impending trouble.:p
Chalk that up to my uninspired gameplay. But, to be fair to myself, Russia really was behind industrially and technologically when the AAR began. Basically, a Five Year Plan of some sort was inevitable for the Romanov government.
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